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Microsoft KB Archive/169589

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DOC: Structure Definitions for CONFIGMG_Get_Bus_Info


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Win32 Device Driver Kit (DDK) Windows 95


In order to use the CONFIGMG_Get_Bus_Info service, you need certain structure definitions that were not included in the Windows 95 DDK. Below is a list of access structures for ISAPnP, PCI, EISA, PCMCIA, and BIOS devices:

   struct PnPAccess_s    {
           BYTE    bCSN;   // card slot number
           BYTE    bLogicalDevNumber;      // Logical Device #
           WORD    wReadDataPort;          // Read data port
   } sPnPAccess; 
   struct  PCIAccess_s     {
           BYTE    bBusNumber;     // Bus no 0-255
           BYTE    bDevFuncNumber; // Device # in bits 7:3 and
                                   // Function # in bits 2:0
           WORD    wPCIReserved;   // 
   } sPCIAccess; 
   struct EISAAccess_s     {
           BYTE    bSlotNumber;    // EISA board slot number
           BYTE    bFunctionNumber;
           WORD    wEisaReserved;
   } sEISAAccess; 
   struct PCMCIAAccess_s   {
           WORD    wLogicalSocket;     // Card socket #
           WORD    wPCMCIAReserved;    // Reserved
   } sPCMCIAAccess; 
   struct BIOSAccess_s     {
           BYTE    bBIOSNode;          // Node number
   } sBIOSAccess; 


See the Windows 95 DDK for more information on Configuration Manager services and PnP.

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