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HOWTO: Debugging Code Download Activity in Internet Explorer 3.x

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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft ActiveX SDK, version 1.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Programming) versions 3.0, 3.01, 3.02


Troubleshooting problems associated with downloading components over the Internet can be frustrating as Internet Explorer (IE) is designed to perform the download process silently. The debug versions of Urlmon.dll and Wininet.dll enable you to trace Internet Explorer's code download activity through a log file. This log file is an ASCII file that can be viewed with any text editor and can be used to help diagnose problems that occurred in the code download process.


Using the DEBUG versions of Urlmon.dll and Wininet.dll to monitor code download activity, perform the following steps:

  1. Verify that you have the DEBUG version of the Urlmon.dll and Wininet.dll installed in your \Windows\System folder (or for a Windows NT machine, in the \Winnt\System32 folder).

    These DLLs are available with the ActiveX SDK and are typically installed into the \InetSDK\Debug directory. The ActiveX SDK for IE 3.02 can be downloaded currently from:

  2. Add the following entry to your Win.ini file:

  3. Back up Urlmon.DLL and Wininet.dll from your \Windows\System(32) folder before replacing them with the debug versions in step 4. Otherwise you may render IE unusable or your system unbootable.
  4. Replace the retail versions of Wininet.dll and Urlmon.dll on your \Windows\System(32) directory with the corresponding debug versions from \Inetsdk\Debug.
  5. Open an MS-DOS prompt.
  6. At the prompt SET WININETLOG=1.
  7. At the prompt start Iexplore.exe.
  8. Navigate to the URL of the page containing the components you're having trouble downloading.
  9. Shutdown Internet Explorer.
  10. Examine the file Wininet.log, which should have been created on your desktop.
  11. After debugging, you may want to restore the non-debug versions of Urlmon.dll and Wininet.dll, which you saved in step 3 above.

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