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  • Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 3

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The following is a list of fixes and various other improvements that have been made in Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5 Service Pack 3. For more information, contact your primary support provider.

Please note that workarounds described in these articles have been provided for your information only. It is not necessary to implement these workarounds if you have the updated software.

For more information about each corrected problem in SQL Server version 6.5 Service Pack 3, use the Qxxxxxx number to query for the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

To download the service pack, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

166701 INF: How to Obtain SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 3




164442 FIX: ODBC Clients Show as Sleeping but Command Is EXECUTE


174443 FIX: Stranded Compile Time Table Created by a Failed SELECT INTO
170296 FIX: Deadlock on Table with Text/Image Column May Cause Errors
167779 FIX: Query Slow w/ ORDER BY DESC on Table w/ Composite Index
167336 FIX: A Full Outer Join with the Same Table May Cause an AV
167335 FIX: Invalid Text Handle Errors May Occur in Transactions
167334 FIX: Error Msg 201 Incorrectly Returned Twice
167333 FIX: SQL Server Stops Responding When Canceling Tape Backup
167332 FIX: Error 3201 Does Not Log a Message to the Errorlog
167331 FIX: Tape Backup May Cause Error 3201 Device Offline
166337 FIX: Auto-Start Stored Procedure w/ WAITFOR Causes 100% CPU Use
166298 FIX: #Deleted After Microsoft Access Sorts a SQL Server Table
166188 FIX: Server Stops/AV on Client Disconnect w/ an Open Transaction
165857 FIX: Delete/Rollback Can Cause AV on Table w/Text Col & Triggers
165756 FIX: A SELECT with a Large GROUP BY Clause May Return Error 614
165754 FIX: INT Divide by Zero Exception Error When Running a Query
165621 FIX: Error 231 After Opening a Server Side Cursor
165599 FIX: Datalength Function Returns 0 for NULL Text Columns
165597 FIX: Convert to Text Function w/NULL Input Returns Blank String
165596 FIX: HOLDLOCK on READTEXT Causes Error 7134
165579 FIX: DBCC NEWALLOC May Cause Incorrect Database Usage Count
165560 FIX: Existing Fill Factor Changed w/ Rebuild of Clustered Index
165559 FIX: Error 403 on Select w/ Nested Subqueries, Sums, and Groups
165558 FIX: AV on Cursor Declare Ssing Select on View w/ ORDER BY
165557 FIX: Thread AV in SP1 Using a Cursor Defined w/Constant and View
165513 FIX: Running a Global Temporary Stored Procedure May Cause AV
165512 FIX: Err 1203 Running Dynamic Cursor in a Stored Procedure
165511 FIX: A Derived Table Using a Group By May Cause Error 8158
165510 FIX: Numeric and Decimal Datatypes Do Not Always Use an Index
165389 FIX: Spid Missing with Trace Flag 4032 on RPC Events
165166 FIX: 'Load Tran' May Cause 806, 605, 2620, or 6902 with IRL on
165136 FIX: SQL 6.5 Does Not Allow Updates to a View If Grant Specified
165131 FIX: Stress of Lock Limit Threshold Causes Bufwait Error Message
165099 FIX: OrigFillFactor Reports Wrong Value for Non-Clustered Index
164997 FIX: Dump to Tape Fails Without Error in Errorlog
164972 FIX: Err 7134 w/ Text/Image Col. Update Using 'Where Current Of'
164734 FIX: Repetitive Connect/Disconnect May Shut Down SQL Server
164578 FIX: Error 1105 on Default Segment When Running DBCC DBREINDEX
164577 FIX: Error 803 on INSERT into Table with Multiple Indexes
164576 FIX: Error 2610 on Insert into Table with Multiple Indexes
164293 FIX: Correlated Subquery in Select List w/ ANSI JOIN Causes AV
164290 FIX: Srv_message_handler Text Limit
164287 FIX: Stored Procedure Can't Be Upgraded
164215 FIX: Bad Token or AV If Sp_cursoropen After Dropping Index
164178 FIX: Bcp_batch Stops Responding After Interleaved Bcp_sendrow
164056 FIX: Error 16934 If Sp_cursor Update on Sproc After Dump/Load
163908 FIX: Undetected Deadlock with Checkpoint and SELECT INTO
163730 FIX: AV Joining a Table with a Rowsize Over 1,962 Bytes
163452 FIX: Failed RPC Call from SQL Server Generates Error 18481
163128 FIX: Updates to Tables w/Text on SP2 Cols May Result in Errors
163047 FIX: Load and Recovery of a Read-Only Database May Cause AV
162906 FIX: AV If Extended Cursor Opens SP Without Execute Permission
161892 FIX: Error 8104 When DBO Tries to Run SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON
161741 FIX: Dump Aborts if PG_DMPTRLR Bit Set (MSG 3220)
161726 FIX: AV Selecting from VIEW with DISTINCT and Join
161645 FIX: Sp_Cursor Positioned Update Causes Access Violation
161599 FIX: Temporary Dump Devices May Be Created with the Wrong Name
161125 FIX: DUMP or LOAD with Tape May Fail on Windows NT 3.51
160584 FIX: Rollback in Single User Database Causes Msg 3307 and AV
159782 FIX: Concurrent CREATE TABLE & ALTER TABLE May Cause Deadlock
159744 FIX: Message 2 After Issuing ROLLBACK TRANSACTION Command
158684 FIX: Unable to Reload Master DB After Upgrading SQL Server
156265 FIX: Create Nonclustered Index Blocks Selects from Table
151573 FIX: Striped Dump to 7 or More Devices is Not Logged

SQL Enterprise Manager

135866 FIX: SEM - Edit Devices Dialog Displays Negative Device Size


164288 FIX: Replication Filter Stored Procedures Not Upgraded to 6.5

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