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Using Winscl.exe to Remove Corrupted WINS Entries by Version ID

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Article Last Modified on 11/1/2006


  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q169216


You can use the Winsdmp.exe and Winscl.exe Resource Kit utilities to remove corrupt entries from the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) database.

This article explains how to use Winsdmp.exe to determine the version ID of the corrupt entries and how to use Winscl.exe to remove those entries.

In certain cases (such as when names contain extended characters or spaces) it is necessary to remove entries based on their version ID, rather than name (using the DN option). The DN option fails when you attempt to remove these entries with extended characters or spaces. Also, the DN option only removes single entries, and does not remove ranges of entries.

NOTE: The WINS Server must be running when you use Winscl.exe to modify the WINS database.


  1. Run Winsdmp.exe to dump the WINS database.


    WINSDMP > Winsdata.txt

    The following is an example line that information that WINSDMP provides:,"TEST           ",0,17,3,0,0,502,0,820870950,1,

    The following table lists each item in the example above on the left side and the corresponding explanation for the example item on the right side:

          Example Item        Explanation for Example Item
          ------------        ----------------------------
        The IP address of the owner of the entry
          "TEST"              The NetBIOS name of the entry
          0                   The 16th character of the NetBIOS name
          17                  The number of characters in the name
                              (15 for NetBIOS name + 2 for ID)
          3                   Type of Record
          0                   State of Record
          0                   Version ID (High order)
          502                 Version ID (Low order)
          0                   Static Flag
          820870950           Time Stamp
          1                   Number of records in entry
         IP Addresses assigned to entry

    The possible Record Type values are defined as:

          UNIQUE        = 0
          NORMAL GROUP  = 1
          SPECIAL GROUP = 2
          MULTIHOMED    = 3

    The possible Record State values are defined as:

          ACTIVE    = 0
          RELEASED  = 1
          TOMBSTONE = 2
  2. Use the data from the dump to compile a list of entries (or a range of entries) to be removed from the WINS database. Then use the Winscl.exe utility to delete the individual entry or the range of entries.

If you want to remove a range of consecutive entries, enter the minimum and maximum versions when prompted by WINSCL. If you want to remove multiple non-consecutive entries, they must be processed individually.

The example below uses low order bit of the version ID (which is 502 in the earlier example) and the high order bit (which is 0 in the earlier example) to remove a single WINS entry.

Example: (with annotations in <<< >>>)

TCP/IP or named pipe. Enter 1 for TCP/IP - 1 <<<enter 1 here>>>
Address of Nameserver to contact-- <<<this is the IP address of the WINS server>>>
RN-Register a name
QN-Query a name
DN-Delete a name
GV-Get the current vers. counter value
GM-Get the Owner Id to Max. Vers. No. mappings
GMO-Get the Owner Id to Max. Vers. No. mappings (3.5 WINS)
GST-Get WINS statistics
GSTO-Get WINS statistics (3.5 WINS)
PUSHT-Send a push trigger to another WINS
PULLT-Send a pull trigger to another WINS
SI-Statically initialize the WINS
CC-Initiate consistency check on the WINS - HIGH OVERHEAD OPERATION
SC-Initiate scavenging on the WINS
DRR-Delete all or a range of records
PRR-Pull all or a range of records from another WINS
GRBN-Get records by name
GRBV-Get Records by version numbers
BK-Backup the database
RS-Restore the db
RSO-Restore the db (created by a pre-SUR WINS)
RC-Reset WINS counters
CR-Count the number of recs. in the db
GI-Get Info about WINS
SDB-Search the db
GD-Get domain names
DW-Delete WINS records and info.
CW-Connect Wins
WA-Get Add of current Wins
EX-Terminate winscl
Command - DRR <<<this command deletes a record or range of records>>>
Address of Owner Wins -- <<<this is the IP address of the WINS server which owns the entry>>>
Min. Vers. No (<high part> <low part> -- 0 502 <<<this is the minimum version ID>>>
Max. Vers. No (<high part> <low part> -- 0 502 <<<this is the maximum version ID. In this case, since the min. and max. are the same, only one registration will be deleted>>>
Status returned is (SUCCESS - 0)

NOTE: If the Maximum Version Number is different than the Minimum Version Number it will delete the full range. The version number can also be obtained from the WINS Manager in the Show Database window under version ID column. The version ID shown in this window is in HEX. It needs to be converted to decimal to use with Winscl.exe. For example, if the version ID is 201 for the record that needs to be deleted, the Minimum version number becomes 0 513 when used with WINSCL.

For more information on using WINSCL.EXE, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

137582 Using WINSCL.EXE

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