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Money 5.0: Converting CheckFree Bill Payment to New Settings

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The information in this article applies to:

  • == Microsoft Money, version 5.0 for Windows 95 ==


If you are currently using CheckFree as your Online Bill Payment service provider with Microsoft Money 5.0, you must make changes to your current Money data file.

By following the steps below you will have access to the latest service features. The most important change is that you will now be able to schedule payments to be made by CheckFree AUTOMATICALLY at set intervals. In Money 5.0, this is referred to as Automatic Payments (Apays). This is a great way to handle regular recurring payments that do not vary in amount such as mortgages and loans.


IMPORTANT: Before you begin the enhancement steps, you must stop all pending payments in Money and transmit these instructions to CheckFree. After the completion of the enhancement procedure, you will no longer be able to stop or inquire about any of the payments sent prior to this change.

To upgrade your CheckFree Service, you need to disable your current Online Bill Payment settings in Money and then re-enable Online Bill Payment. Follow the steps listed below to disable your current settings:

To Disable the Current Settings

  1. Start Money.

  2. Click Go To and then click Home Banking.

  3. On the Accounts tab, click Select Online Service.

  4. Proceed through the Setup Wizard. Click Next until the wizard asks you to select the account you want to set up for Online Services.

  5. Select the account enabled for Online Bill Payment with CheckFree and click Next.

  6. Click to clear the check box next to Online Bill Payment and click Next.

  7. Click Yes to the following warning. This will disable Online Bill Payment services for this account.

    You have indicated that you would like to turn off Online Bill Payment for this account. If you continue, all Electronic Payments in the account will be converted to regular Payments. You also won’t be able to make inquiries on or cancel any Electronic Payments you’ve sent from this account. Do you want to continue?

  8. Continue through the Setup Wizard to completion.

  9. Quit Money.

To Re-enable Online Bill Payment

To Re-enable Online Bill Payment, follow the steps below:

  1. Start Money.

  2. Click Go To and click Home Banking.

  3. On the Accounts tab, click Select Online Service.

  4. When the Setup Wizard prompts you to connect to Microsoft to collect the new enhanced information, click Connect.

  5. When the call is complete, select CheckFree Bill Payment from the list and click Next.

  6. Continue through the Setup Wizard to the screen which requests information about you. Enter the requested information and continue through the wizard to completion.

  7. When you make your first call, you will need the Personal Identification Number (PIN) provided by CheckFree Services Reference Guide. Money requires you to change this PIN prior to your first call.

    NOTE: You can change your PIN anytime in the Call Online Services dialog Box in Money.

As part of this service enhancement your service center will change from a processing center located in Ohio to a center located in the suburbs of Chicago.

For support on this enhancement process, you must contact CheckFree Services. You can find the phone number on the Contact Information tab in the Home Banking area.

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