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Article Last Modified on 3/25/2004


  • Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Professional Edition

This article was previously published under Q168912


This article lists the titles and Q numbers of those Microsoft Visual C++ Knowledge Base articles that describe bugs that exist in Visual C++ version 5.0. If the title of the article starts with "FIX:", then the bug was fixed in a later release. Please see the STATUS section of the FIX article to determine in which version the fix was incorporated.

NOTE: Bug articles that apply to Visual C++ version 5.0 can be found in the Microsoft Knowledge Base by searching on the "vcbuglist500" keyword.


Buglist for Visual C++ 5.0

67041 BUG: Structure Tags Visible Outside of Function Prototype Scope

72889 BUG: C Compiler May Not Catch Integer Division-by-Zero Error

88092 BUG: Cannot Access Static Data Members in Inline Assembly

107427 BUG: getch() Returns Incorrect Extended Key Codes

112985 BUG: new Allocates 0 Bytes for Typedef Class Function Pointer

113118 BUG: C2061, C2062, C2226, C2039 Occur When Using enum types

115705 BUG: Function Style Conversion Incorrectly Generates Errors

116170 BUG: C2099 Generated Initializing Struct with Macro

116172 BUG: Based Ptr. Init Fails at Global Scope in CPP File

116239 BUG: Function that Inherits Through Dominance Fails

116240 BUG: Compiler Errors Initializing const Reference to an Array

116325 BUG: Browser Information Shows Incorrect Reference to Variable

116487 BUG: No Compiler Error for Ambiguous C++ Conversion

117201 BUG: sizeof Used in Comparison Does Not Generate C4018

117383 BUG: C2483 Instantiating Objects with the Thread Attribute

117384 BUG: Unable to Hit Breakpoint on ELSE IF Statement

119393 BUG: Invalid Extraction from istrstream Does Not Set failbit

119873 BUG: Incorrect Use of #pragma Pack Causes C1001 Errors

120218 BUG: Warning C4056 Generated When /Op Option is Used

120967 BUG: Try Blocks Within a Switch Statement Behave Incorrectly

120968 BUG: Limitation w/ Disabling Warnings Above 4699 w/ #pragma

121016 BUG: Long Query Name in Browser Causes Application Error

121346 BUG: Spaces Preceding Header File Name Generate Build Errors

122042 BUG: Fatal Error C1001 Using /Zg with Large C++ Header Files

122219 DOC: CWnd::OnCommand() Parameters Documented Incorrectly

122304 BUG: /YX and /Yc Incorrectly Allowed in Project Settings

122370 BUG: C2248 When Access Protected Nested Class in Derived Class

122539 BUG: C4786 or C1067 Caused by Long Identifier and /Zi

122540 BUG: 'char *' Passed to 'const char * &' Violates Type Safety

122541 BUG: Goto() Within Try-Except Block Causes C2705 Error

122543 BUG: Incorrect Code When Increment Pointer Based on a Pointer

122790 BUG: Character Constant with \0 Not Stored Properly

123161 BUG: ios::internal Adds No Fill Characters for int and long

125799 BUG: C2443 Using Structure Member Operand in _asm Block

127900 BUG: C2487 Error Occurs If Multiple Static Vars Use dllexport

128600 BUG: Redefinition of Enum Data Type Does Not Cause an Error

128789 BUG: LNK2001 on Member Function When Use Nested Class Template

129132 BUG: Can't Use Simple Type in an Explicit Call of a Destructor

131100 DOC: DoDragDrop() Parameter Documented Incorrectly

133068 BUG: Deleting a Struct Typedef Causes C1059, C1063, or C1001

133179 BUG: Compiler Fails Syntax Check of Extra Comma in enum List

135526 BUG: Bad Result If Call Inline Function Twice in Expression

138567 BUG: Incorrect Function Name Binding in Function Templates

138695 DOC: ConstructElements & DestructElements

138755 BUG: GPF When Drag-Drop Resources Between Two Resource Scripts

138764 BUG: Custom Build Commands Not Assigned Values

138847 BUG: C2572 When Define Function Pointer w/ Default Argument

138873 BUG: Window Colors Cannot Be Customized from Developer Studio

138953 BUG: Static Identifiers Do Not Show Up in ClassView

139012 BUG: Cannot Map Functions to Special Keys in Developer Studio

139028 BUG: Incomplete pragma Directive May Cause C1001 Error

139296 BUG: C2955 Error Generated If Using Same Name as Template

139476 BUG: File Time Incorrect After Saving During Build
139696 BUG: WinHelp Called Twice

139801 BUG: Windows 95 Doesn't Allow open_osfhandle on Socket Handles

139996 BUG: Wizards Create Invalid Column Names for QueryDef Join

140188 BUG: C1001 or C2434: Using Templates in Default Arguments

140573 BUG: F4 to Go to Error/Tag Doesn't Always Open Source File

140604 BUG: 'using' Declaration Doesn't Overload Base Class Members

140858 PRB: _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC Does Not Work as Documented

141345 BUG: Duplicating Resource Causes Resource ID Collision

141456 BUG: Pressing F1 for Help on Error Message Doesn't Work

141458 BUG: Large Selections Fail in Disassembly Window

141866 BUG: App Error While Changing Install Dir for Visual C++

142493 BUG: Cannot Cast Double to int for Use in an Array Declarator

142593 BUG: Header Files Not Excluded from Project Directory

143082 BUG: Wrong Pointer Value When Nested Classes Have Same Name

143109 BUG: Debugger Shows Incorrect "this" Pointer

143313 BUG: CToolTipCtrl Stops Working After Dialog Is Displayed

143410 DOC: Vertical Slider Control Sends WM_VSCROLL Message

143433 BUG: Setup Does Not Validate First Three Digits of CD Key

148223 BUG: C4003 When Building Wrapper For Word.Basic 7.0 Object

148455 BUG: CSharedFile::Detach() Does Not Call GlobalUnlock()

148686 BUG: IOMANIPdeclare Macro Causes C2758 Error with References

148806 BUG: Cannot Open Document from Shell If EXE Has Long File Name

149324 BUG: Modifying Const Temporary Object Doesn't Generate Error

149327 BUG: C2440 Expanding Template with a Pointer to a Nested Class

149966 BUG: istream::operator>>(long&) Does Not Clear errno

150349 BUG: Finish Button Fails Data Transfer from Page to Variables

150571 DOC: CWnd::DragAcceptFiles() in Books Online

150572 BUG: Error C1001: _asm Instruction Accessing Stack Using [ebp]

150885 BUG: C2321 Expanding Template with a Pointer to a Nested Class

151031 BUG: SetMinHeight Does Not Work Correctly with CStatusBar

151167 BUG: LNK2001 Error for Static Member in Class Template

151500 FIX: /Og Causes vfptr Initialization Problems

151501 FIX: Linking Large Projects Can Be Very Slow

151898 BUG: Include Directories Cannot End with a Backslash

152056 BUG: Using Intrinsic Versions of log10 and fmod

152211 BUG: Constructor Gets Called Multiple Times on the Same Object

152254 BUG: LNK2001 on Operator>> with Class from MFC Extension DLL

153239 BUG: Multiple CRichEditView::PrintInsideRect's Are Distorted

153291 BUG: Wizards Fail on Secure Microsoft Access Database

153801 BUG: C2352 Error for Reference to Nested Class Member

154466 PRB: Unable to Locate URLMON.DLL on Windows NT 3.51

155046 BUG: Member Function Referenced Without () Compiles

155292 FIX: Destructor Not Called When DEBUG_NEW Is Defined

155716 PRB: SQL Single-Stepping Does Not Display Errors as They Occur

155721 BUG: Access Violation in RFX_Date If CTime Not Initialized

155791 BUG: Some Intermediate Files not Deleted by FileView

159776 FIX: VC++ Crash When Adding Test Case Under Source-Code Control

162160 DOC: CFileDialog::DoModal Does Not Return 0

163252 BUG: Cannot Remove BS_PUSHLIKE in Resource Editor

163369 BUG: LDd Suppresses Implicit Definition of _DEBUG

164684 PRB: "File or Project not Found" Adding Files via Integration

164813 FIX: Web Browser Control Hangs in CFormView

165419 BUG: SQL Debugger Displays Incorrect Value for Float Variables

165420 BUG: SQL Breakpoint Not Hit After Executing SP in Another DB

165432 BUG: DBGrid Does Not Insert Record if Field Name Contains Dash

165433 BUG: Query Designer Not Inserting Record if Field Name Has Dash

165434 BUG: Undo Database Deletion Causes Data View to Lose Database

165744 BUG: RichEditCtrl IDs Not Shown in Member Variables Tab

165745 DOC: CMiniFrameWnd::Create Is Missing MFS_BLOCKSYSMENU

165746 DOC: Incomplete Documentation on CListCtrl::SetColumnWidth

165792 FIX: MSDEV.EXE Application Error When Building an Application

165803 BUG: Error C2783 - Cannot Deduce Non-Type Template Parameter

165944 BUG: &(*variable) Causes C1001, trees.c line 6256

166109 BUG: Template Friend Function Causes Compiler Error C2248

166110 BUG: Can Set SQL Breakpoints on Invalid Lines Inside a Trigger

166133 BUG: Execute <name>.EXE Menu Item Does Not State Name of SP

166213 BUG: Right-Clicking CRichEditView Doesn't Activate Frame

166282 FIX: C2440 Caused by Template Function with Const Pointer

166285 FIX: MSDEV Crashes When Converting VC++ 4.0 Projects

166469 FIX: Multiple Check In Fails with Keyword Expansion

166505 DOC: FindNextFile Returns 0 for Last File Found

166513 BUG: Typedef Type Causes C2275: Illegal Use of Type

166716 BUG: Header File Listed in SYSINCL.DAT in Dependency List

166718 FIX: C1001 from Conditional Operator in Initializer

166719 BUG: Wrong Exception Re-thrown with Global Optimization

166720 BUG: ATL Object Wizard Dialog Box Comes Up Empty

166721 FIX: Compiler Error C2784 o

166723 BUG: ATL Object Wizard Prevents Undo Changes

166756 BUG: Error in Requery When Set Null Date Parameter to Not Null

166939 BUG: CRecordset::Update Fails After Upgrading

166946 BUG: Match Brace Command Foiled by String/Character Literals

167113 BUG: C2734, C2166: Caused by Template Function with const ref

167170 BUG: GetWindowContextHelpId() returns 0 for ActiveX Controls

167306 BUG: Initializer for Empty Struct Causes C2059 or C1001

167321 BUG: Wrong Namespace Member Selected for Qualified ID

167324 BUG: Custom Build Rule Not Saved for File Excluded from Build

167325 BUG: Env Vars Not Used in Exported Makefile Dependencies

167326 BUG: Intrinsic Version of strcmp May Return Incorrect Result

167338 BUG: Format("%D") Fails for COleDateTime and COleDateTim

167339 BUG: New Class Added in ATLWizard Removes Edit Interface Setting

167347 FIX: /Og Causes C1001, main.c, line 379 for Recursive Call

167348 BUG: Non-const Member Function Call Via const Object Allowed

167350 BUG: Default Constructor Argument Cannot Use Namespace Scope

167351 BUG: Using Declaration Causes C2327

167355 BUG: C4786 Warning is Not Disabled with #pragma Warning

167356 BUG: Same Name for Function and Class Causes C2079

167358 BUG: Remote Windows 95 Machine Crashes on Stop Debugging

167359 BUG: extern Declaration Generates Extra Constructor Call

167414 BUG: Text Copy/Paste from InfoViewer Loses Layout

167415 PRB: Keywords for Online Docs are Merged Several Times

167417 BUG: No Workspace Settings Tab in Stand-alone MSDN

167423 FIX: CRecordset Members Not in "Add Member Variable" Dialog Box

167526 FIX: ATL Control May Cause an Access Violation

167650 FIX: Problems with ToolTips on Windows 95

167692 FIX: Assertion Line 257 in File Dlgprop.cpp

167693 FIX: MFC Application Hangs on Multiprocessor Machine

167696 BUG: Debug Static MFC Library Links to UrlMon.dll/et.dll

167697 BUG: ActiveX Control in IE Asserts in CTLINPLC.CPP, Line 328

167730 BUG: Wrong Member Name in C2039 Error Message

167731 FIX: Access Violation When Connecting in MFC ODBC Application

167734 FILE: BUG: MFC Browser Library (MFC.BSC) Is Incomplete

167736 BUG: MFC ISAPI Generates Access Violation in CHtmlStreamch

167749 BUG: Access to Nested Base Class Member Functions Blocked

167750 BUG: The pow() Function Doesn't Set Underflow Condition

167798 BUG: Can Not Attach Process to Debugger from NT Task Manager

167804 BUG: Source Profiler in Visual C++ 5.0 Does Not Execute

167845 FIX: Class Wizard Deletes Source Files

167927 BUG: Building ATL Service Project Does Not Register the Service

167946 BUG: ATL Service EXE Doesn't Build in Release Build

167949 FIX: OnWindowMessage Returns BOOL for HRESULT

167960 BUG: ESC/ENTER Keys Don't Work When Editing CTreeCtrl Labels

167966 BUG: C2248: Statics in Friends, No Access to Protected Members

167967 FIX: /Og Increments the Index of a Loop Too Soon

167994 FIX: Cvpack INTERNAL ERROR When Linking Large Projects

167995 FIX: Calling a Function Returning double May Not Pop FPU Stack

168003 FIX: Function Prototypes in comutil.h Missing Calling Convention

168007 FIX: Remote Debugging Very Slow in Visual C++ Version 5.0

168008 FIX: C2166 Incorrect Type Deduction for Template Parameter

168028 FIX: C2955 Caused by the "using" Declaration

168029 FIX: Global Optimizations (/Og) May Cause the Compiler to Hang

168044 BUG: ClassWizard May Fail to Derive a Class from CRecordset

168078 BUG: C2784 Instantiating STL Objects With a UDT Parameter

168079 FIX: _com_ptr_t::operator=(const _variant_t&) AddRefs Twice

168081 BUG: Wrong Column Jumped to for Macro Syntax Error

168082 BUG: Crash During Project Conversion If Project Has MAC Targets

168111 FIX: #import Does Not Compensate for Gaps in vtable

168123 BUG: CWindow::GetTopLevelWindow() returns NULL

168373 BUG: C2065 When Default Constructor of a Nested Class Called

168374 BUG: C1001 file 'msc1.cpp', line 1188, Using Recursive Namespace

168378 BUG: Debug "Additional Dlls" Entry Shows on All Projects

168379 BUG: Debugger Does not Step Over to __finally Code Block

168380 BUG: Incorrect Evaluation of Static Member Functions in Debugge

168381 BUG: Exported Make Files with Browse Info Are Rebuilt Twice

168383 BUG: C1001 p2symtab.c, line 2221 In Direct Init of Static

168384 BUG: C2248: No Access for Friend Class in a Template Class

168385 BUG: The "this" Pointer is Incorrect in Destructor of Base Class

168387 BUG: Exported Makefile May Be Useless if Custom Build Uses "CD"

168403 BUG: Setup Doesn't Ask to Register Environment Variables

168404 PRB: C2664 Instantiating STL List with Sequence [first, last)

168410 BUG: Dependency Information Is Lost After Workspace Is Closed

168411 BUG: Per-File Switch at Project Level Silently Deleted

168419 BUG: Browse Info Flag Not Saved for Subproject After Conversion

168420 BUG: NMAKE Build Fails When Intermediate Dir Starts with ..\

168424 BUG: Localize Sample Cannot Be Built

168430 BUG: Using Referenced Integer to Access Array Generates CXX0034

168433 BUG: Error Using _ttoi64 with Non-Unicode Applications

168439 BUG: _stat Function Fails for Names Ending with "\"

168440 BUG: Stream Operator << Cannot Handle __int64 Type

168528 PRB: Add Method/Add Property Adds To All Interfaces

168847 BUG: "DM0025: Error attaching to process" In Windows 95

168912 INFO: Summary List: Visual C++ 5.0 Known Problems

168926 BUG: "Error copying sample files" When Copying Samples to Drive

168927 BUG: Application_NewWorkspace Event Is Never Fired

168932 BUG: Multiple Based Conversion Results May Be Incorrect

168934 BUG: Multiple Errors Compiling Std C++ Library Headers with /Za

168936 BUG: Virtual Base Class Destructor Called More than Once

168957 FIX: C1001, file 'msc1.cpp', line 1188, Caused by Name Hiding\

169403 PRB: Breakpoints Not Hit in Multiple Line SQL Statements

170171 BUG: DUMPBIN Displays Cumulative Data for Multiple Arguments

170511 BUG: WizardBar Notification Slows Down Dialog Editor

170514 BUG: Bad Codegen with /Og and FP Mult in Class with Virt Dtor

170530 BUG: AppWizard Project Cannot Open Include File .RC2

172276 FIX: CToolTipCtrl Not Displaying Text After VS SP1, SP2 Install

172892 BUG: MSDEV Crashes if Same PDB Name Used for Compiler and Linker

173244 BUG: FindIndex Works Incorrectly When nIndex Is Negative

173249 BUG: Print Preview Doesn't Honor Font Width Setting

173252 FIX: CArchive::GetObjectSchema Returns Incorrect Schema

174403 FIX: Unresolved Externals When Building MFC42 and MFCD42xD

177101 BUG: Modal Dialogs in MFC Regular DLL Cause ASSERT in AfxWndProc

177421 BUG: Remote Debug in Windows NT Requires Psapi.dll

177431 BUG: C2065: Undeclared Identifier Creating a STL Function Object

177937 BUG: Debugger Cannot Watch Function Returning struct or union

178995 PRB: Visual C++ Wizards Ignore "Insert Spaces" in Tabs Option

179270 BUG: Warnings with RTTI and Automatic Precompiled Headers

179273 BUG: C2059 Initializing Static Data Member of a Template Class

179690 BUG: Launching COM Server with Long File Name Returns 0x80080005

180385 BUG: AppWizard Sometimes Fails to Display the Platforms Option

180593 BUG: Cannot Rename Directory of a Closed Workspace

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