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Microsoft KB Archive/168655

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Article ID: 168655

Article Last Modified on 8/11/2006


  • Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 2

This article was previously published under Q168655


This article is a current listing of the article numbers for bugs that were fixed in SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 2. Use the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.

NOTE: If an article appears in the Readme.txt file for the Service Pack, but does not appear in the following list, it is because the article was mistakenly added to the Readme.txt file.


Service Pack 2

171933 SNA Server 3.0 Appears to Ignore APPC Mode Priority Setting
170071 Invokable TP Timeout May Occur With Non-Operation
170070 SNA Client Allocate ReMay Hang After AS/400 IPL
163570 CMEPLN Does Not Always Return Fully ed LU Name
170776 TP_STARTED Stops Responding If NT App Opens More Than 256 TP
170288 CMWAIT Returns Incorrectly After Canceling CMALLC
168775 Unused Dependent LU6.2 Session Not Deactivated
171622 CMINIT Returns Error 24 if Symbolic Name Not Space-Padded
167667 SNA Server Rejects LU6.2 BIND over 2nd Connection
172480 GET_LU_STATUS_VERB Stops Responding on Call from 2nd Thread
172800 APPC Application Unable to Cancel TEST_RTS_AND_POST
171968 3270 Applet May Stop Responding if Host Sends a Long Message
172294 Win3270 Applet Fails to Connect If Path Longer Than 64 Bytes
172293 Tops of Characters Missing When Win3270 Applet Window Resized
172054 3270 Script File Won't Work With Japanese Host Code Page
171991 3270 Emulator May Truncate Script File When Disk Full
171375 3270 Applet Does Not Return to a Normal State
171658 Windows 95 3270 Applet Fails if Directory Name Contains a Space
172299 Snacfg.exe "USER /INSERT" Fails Adding Additional LU
172296 Snacfg.exe Uses Default Printer Properties When Adding Printers
172291 Snacfg.exe Does Not Support Omission of LOCALBLOCKNO
171252 Snacfg.exe Does not Display Twinax and Channel Link Services
170588 Snacfg.exe /Addpartner Option Fails in SNA 3.0 SP1
172518 Security Is Not Available for Host Security Commands in SNACFG
172428 SNA Server 3.0 Snadmod.dll Returns SEC_LOGON_FAILED_BADLY
172295 Win3x Configuration Utility Parses "Servers" List Incorrectly
171255 WNAP /User: and /Pwd: Parameters Fail In SNA Server 3.0
167196 SNA Server 3.0 SP1 Update May Break Named Pipe Clients
160849 How the SNA Server Client Chooses a "Sponsor" SNA Server
172334 SNA 3.0 Windows 95 Client Floppy Installation Step Incorrect
172297 SNA Client Upgrade Forces Re-Entry of Configuration Information
171934 Cancelling SNA Windows 95 Logon Causes Sbpuinit() rc = 563
171621 Automatic Logon Fails using Client Access for Windows 95
171381 Windows 95 Domain Password Change Doesn't Change Local Password
171078 SnaBase Fails to Start Using Novell NetWare Client
168752 SNA Windows 95 3.0 SP1 3270 Applet Print Option Doesn't Print
172496 Windows 95 Client Config Utility Incorrectly Updates Check Box
171942 SNA Windows 95 and Win 3.x Named Pipe Clients Fail to Connect
172708 BID Response Not Honoring Pacing Indicator from FMI Application
173655 Finnish SNA NT Client Unable to Connect to SNA Server 2.11
173618 Windows 95 Client Trap in SnaBase Using IPX on Windows NT
173616 Update.exe Does Not Copy All Windows 3.x Client Files
167682 Application Exceptions When Opening a SNA Server 2.11 COM.CFG
172377 SNA Server Exception Error Stopping/Starting Manage Client
171876 SNA Server Traps After Receiving BIND +RSP With Invalid Data
171083 SnaExp.exe Access Violation in CshrMemPool()
168546 Access Violation May Occur After Upgrading to 3.0 SP1
170660 TN3270 Server Access Violation in SetBestGroups()
169908 Specifying Printer Not Installed in Print Manager Causes AV
169904 Shared Folders Gateway May Cause Trap 0x1E in Ntoskrl.exe
169490 SNA Server Appears to Be Offline After MNGAGENT AV
169489 Snabase.exe AV After You Save Configuration Changes
169487 Access Violation in Mngcli.exe When You Close Server Manager
169132 Print Server Application Exception in S3POHPOP
168963 Snaservr.exe Access Violation in Function s1plgrsp
173173 SNA Manage Agent Traps After Saving Configuration Change
172683 SNA Manager Traps When Editing LUA Properties TN3270 Tab
172634 SNA Server Access Violation in Function Sapascp()
172606 SNA Server Access Violation When Receiving Invalid XID Frames
172802 SNA Server Access Violation in s1pcrefm()
173617 Print Server Application Exception in Function AimOpenPrinter
172914 CPIC App Traps on SNA Windows 95 Client Running on Windows NT
172815 Win3x 5250 Applet Traps When Wswappc.dll Not Unloaded
172651 SNA Workstation Traps When an APPC Application Calls DISPLAY()
171888 Unreadable Error Messages When Deleting Host Security Domains
171619 SNA Server Does Not Detect Existing Host Security Domains
171250 Host Account Cache Database Is Lost When Promoted To Master
172915 Host Security Fails to Enumerate Memberships of Local Groups
172067 Duplicate HSD Causes Incorrect Error Using "Insert" Option
172062 SNADATABASE Shuts Down and Restarts During Startup
172341 "Select NT User" Does Not Provide Help
172061 Browsing Domains Using SNA Win95 UDConfig Does Not Work
171874 Link Service Title Cannot be Modified for DFT Link Services
169204 Renegotiate CNOS After Connection Reestablishment
171992 Creating Connection Gets Error Even If Link Service Selected
171256 IBM DFT Link Service Properties Refers to DCA DFT Adapter
171253 Twinax Connections Fail
171114 Distributed Link Service Allows Link Type To Be Changed
172814 Control Unit Image Number Not Supported on ESCON
172913 Server Stops with STOP 0xA in Ibmsync.sys Driver Under Stress
161776 IBM MPA/A (MCA) SDLC Adapter Not Detected on Dual-Bus Servers
170287 Multi-session SLI Program Stops Receiving Data
167315 Not Set Correctly on Responses to RUI Apps
169793 RUI Libraries Don't Return All Negative Responses to RUI App
172821 Expectation of Unbind Response Can Cause Application Failure
171877 LU Creation Wizard Does Not Accept HEX Data When in HEX Mode
171864 SNA Manager Does Not Stay Maximized
172292 F1 Key Does Not Open Help in SNA Manager
171915 Active User Sessions Always Display Total Users Sessions
171887 LUA Stop Command Available When Connection Is Inactive
171623 Unable to Define a Low-Priority LUA LU in SNA Server Manager
171257 Assignment of LUs to Null Subnet ( Not Fully Supported
169485 3270 LU Assignments to Workstations Not Saved Properly
168681 Cannot Drag and Drop Connection Between SNA Servers
168037 SNA Manager Fails to Display Status for Dependent APPC LUs
172482 Properties for IPX Directory Services Shown Intermittently
172481 Invalid SAP Entries Allowed in AS/400 and 3270 Wizard
172478 LU Assigned to a Workstation Disappears After Restart
173486 SNAVER and SNA Manager Don't Display Service Pack Level
173341 SNA Manager Fails to Open Backup Config File
173172 SNA Manager Not Setting LUA Pool Size to Actual Number of LUs
172682 SNA Server Online Support URL Is Incorrect in SNA Manager
172644 SNA Manager User Name Column Does Not Sort Alphabetically
172636 Blank Manager Screen If Sponsor Server Registry Not Available
172434 Manager Displays Wrong Values for 802.2 T1 and Ti Timer Ticks
172373 Change Made to Enable 3270 SSO Does Not Set Out-Of-Date Flag
172637 User Able to Open Display Session If Associated Printer in Use
172070 Deleting 3270 Pool May Result in Unnamed Pool in SNA Manager
173615 Unable to Specify LU Number 1 When Adding Range of 3270 LUs
172966 SNA Manager Fails to Open Backup Configuration File
172013 W/out ODBC/DRDA Option, 32-Bit ODBC Administrator Is Deleted
169488 Errors When Performance Monitoring SNA Server
171950 Buffer Pool Error 685 Printing Two Large Jobs Simultaneously
171627 Incorrect Data Printed When PDF File Used with AS/400 Printing
170589 APPC Print Sessions Inactive w/ System 36 or AS/36 Host
169910 SNA Print Service Doesn't Support SVF with 5250 Printing
169909 Tabs Are Not Processed Correctly by Pdfcomp.exe
169903 SNA Server 3.0 Print Sessions Remain Pending on Windows NT
169857 Print Service Ignores Bytes in LU3 Datastream
169856 SNA Print Service Leak When All Print Sessions Are Stopped
169855 Print Service Doesn't Process Carriage Return Properly
169854 Print Session Hangs in Spooling Status and Printing for Session
169853 0Ds Inserted When Transparency Is ASCII Is Selected
169852 Only 128 Print Sessions Active in SNA Server Print Service
169370 SNA Server Print Stuck in InSession Status
169182 SNA Server Print Server Always Inserts CR/LF
167195 5250 Print Jobs Fail If Connection to Printer Lost/Recovered
172484 5250 Printing Causes High CPU Utilization
172470 Zero-Length RU Causes Subseobs to Stop
173067 Print Session Stops Responding When Printing to File
172681 Print Server Does Not End Job on "Flush Print Buffer"
172468 SNA Server Print Service Doesn't Support Print Position > 132
172808 EBCDIC 0xB5 Not Mapped by PDT File
172645 Print LU Status Remains Pending If SNAPRINT Fails
173682 Print Service Doesn't Print Jobs Concurrently If PDT Is Used
173447 Limited Support for MPP for 5250 Printing
172671 Print Server Does Not Honor Print Properties Set In Dialog
172646 Pdfcomp.exe Does Not Check for Valid Output File Creation
172471 Reefinite Response Doesn't Signal When Job Sent
172283 Blank Page Is Printed Between Each Print Job
169911 Incorrect Print Output If AHM Is Contained in 5250 Datastream
166625 Host Print Service Stops Responding After Invalid SCS Code
171417 SNA Server Setup Does Not Support Long Paths and Filenames
171413 Changing and Saving Config File Results in Memory Leak
169486 SnaBase and SNA Server Don't Accept New Client Connections
168717 SNA Server Performance Degrades If Domain Controller Down
172479 DMOD limited to 4 Non-RPC Callbacks for API Libraries
172635 Event 567, RC =10048 When Restarting SNA Server
172602 Event ID 3 Logged After Application Exception in Snaservr.exe
172236 SNABase Status Does Not Change From Stopped to Running
172970 DMOD Does Not Recreate I/O Threads If Reinitialized
166875 5250 Emulator Won't Connect Even Though Sessions Are Available
166623 SNA Server Rejects FMH-5 Attach Intended for TP on NT Client
171935 TN3270 Server Incorrectly Truncates Last Character of SSCP Data
165148 TN3270 Server Disconnects Clients When a Popup Message Occurs
163562 TN3270 Server Does Not Handle DACTLU/ACTLU SeProperly
171941 TN3270 Event 1-5, 601, 602 Don't Appear When Filtering Events
170661 TN3270E Printer Can't Connect; LUSessionStateConfused
170659 Can't Open Multiple TN3270 Sessions
172801 TN3270 Client Session Lost Using PF Keys to Toggle Screens
172816 TN3270 SSCP-LU Sessions Send x'40' Instead of Null RU
172298 SNA Manager Redraws TN5250 IP Address List Incorrectly
172643 Port Values for TN5250 Don't Work If One Is Set to Use Default
172238 Snatrace Doesn't Set Global Trace Properties on Remote Computer
172817 SNATRACE Unable to Purge Trace Files on Remote System

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