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PSS ID Number: 108284

Article Last Modified on 3/24/2000

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FORTRAN PowerStation for MS-DOS 1.0

This article was previously published under Q108284


Using RUNQQ to spawn an application that uses five or more command-line arguments causes the spawned application to produce the following error when the spawned application uses GETARG:

DOSXMSF : error DX2010: invalid pointer passed to free or realloc


Use SYSTEMQQ instead of RUNQQ to spawn programs using five or more command- line arguments.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in FORTRAN PowerStation version 1.0 for MS-DOS. This problem has been resolved with FORTRAN PowerStation maintenance release version 1.0a for MS-DOS.

FORTRAN PowerStation version 1.0 can be differentiated from the maintenance release version 1.0a by invoking the linker. Typing "link32 | more" from \F32\BIN directory will show version 2.8 for FORTRAN PowerStation version 1.0, and it will show version 1.0f for the maintenance release version 1.0a.


The sample programs that reproduce this problem are shown below (no compile options for either program):

Sample Code #1 (Main Spawning Program)

 include ''
      include 'flib.fd'
      integer*4 result
      result=RUNQQ('test.exe','-a -b -c -d -e')
      write(*,*) 'result = ',result

Sample Code #2 (TEST.EXE)

      character*40 buffer
      integer*2 j,status
      write(*,*) 'k = ',k
      do j=0,k-1
         call GETARG(j,buffer,status)
         write(*,*) buffer,status

Additional query words: 3.10 buglist1.00 fixlist1.00a

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