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Microsoft KB Archive/108239

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Article ID: 108239

Article Last Modified on 11/1/2006


  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1

This article was previously published under Q108239


The drive your computer boots from is connecting to an Adaptec 1542b SCSI controller. During Windows NT Setup, the following STOP message appears:

Inaccessible boot device


This STOP message may have been caused by an incorrect jumper setting on the Adaptec adapter for either the IRQ or DMA speed.


Set the jumpers on the Adaptec adapter to their defaults and make sure no other adapters are using the same IRQ levels or base I/O addresses. It is important that the IRQ specified on jumpers 9 through 11 in jumper block 5 is the same as the IRQ specified in jumper block 9. It is also important that the DMA speed, specified by jumper 12 in jumper block 5, be set to 5.7.

Jumper Settings

Jumper Block 5:

   SCSI Parity (default = enabled)
   JP5.3 = ON

   SCSI ID (default = 7)
   JB5.4 = OFF
   JB5.5 = OFF
   JB5.6 = OFF

   DMA Channel (default = 5)
   JB5.7 = OFF
   JB5.8 = ON

   IRQ (default = 11)
   JB5.9 = OFF
   JB5.10 = ON
   JB5.11 = OFF

   DMA SPEED (default = 5.7)
   JB5.12 = ON
   JB5.13 = OFF

Jumper Block 6 - BIOS AutoSense Control:

   JB6.1 = ON

Jumper Block 7 - Address Selection:

   I/O Address (default = 0x330)
   JB7.2 = ON
   JB7.3 = OFF
   JB7.4 = OFF

   BIOS Wait State Select (default = 0)
   JB7.5 = OFF
   JB7.6 = OFF

   BIOS Base Address (default = 0xDC000)
   JB7.7 = OFF
   JB7.8 = OFF

Jumper Block 8 - Floppy Disk:

   Floppy (default = enabled)
   JB8.1 = ON

   DMA Request (default = 2)
   JB8.2 = ON
   JB8.3 = OFF

   DMA Ack (default = 2)
   JB8.4 = ON
   JB8.5 = OFF

   IRQ (default = 6)
   JB8.6 = ON

Jumper Block 9 - DMA / IRQ Selection:

   DMA Request (default = 5)
   JB9.1  = OFF
   JB9.2  = ON
   JB9.3  = OFF
   JB9.4  = OFF

   DMA Ack (default = 5)
   JB9.5  = OFF
   JB9.6  = ON
   JB9.7  = OFF
   JB9.8  = OFF

   IRQ Request (default = 11)
   JB9.9  = OFF
   JB9.10 = OFF
   JB9.11 = ON
   JB9.12 = OFF
   JB9.13 = OFF
   JB9.14 = OFF

The Adaptec product included here is manufactured by a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.

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