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How to Change the Default Program Group for Word for Windows


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0


By default, Word 6.0 for Windows Setup proposes Microsoft Office as the program group where the Word icons will be placed. By modifying the SETUP.STF file, you can change the default to a group of your choice.


To change the program group where the Word icons are placed, do the following. Word will place the icons in the program group specified if it already exists or will create the program group if it does not exist.

  1. Search the SETUP.STF file for "Microsoft Office." Using Excel, choose Find from the Formula menu and type Microsoft Office in the Find What box. By default there are four occurrences of "Microsoft Office" that need to be changed, and these are the last four lines of the SETUP.STF file.
  2. Change "Microsoft Office" to the desired default program group, making sure not to edit any other settings in the cells.
  3. Save the SETUP.STF file and proceed according to the directions for distributing a script in Appendix B of the "Microsoft Word User's Guide."

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