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Microsoft KB Archive/108183

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INFO: Article List for Windows User Programming Issues

ID: Q108183

The information in this article applies to:

  • FastTips for the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) version 3.1


Microsoft FastTips is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a touch-tone telephone. To order items from this catalog, first select the items you want to receive, noting the five- to six-digit number of the Item ID shown below for each item, and then:

  1. Dial the toll-free FastTips number (800) 936-4300.
  2. When prompted, select the Windows Software Development Kit.
  3. Press one (1) on your phone keypad to select Express Order Service.
  4. When prompted, select the delivery method, fax.
  5. When prompted, enter your three-digit area code and seven-digit fax number on your phone keypad.
  6. When prompted, enter the number of the Item ID and press #, for up to five items.

When finished, hang up. If you have problems receiving a fax, please call (425) 635-3199.



Q 10213  Window Handles of Global Objects                                1
Q 10216  Using EndPaint() and BeginPaint()                               1
Q 10856  Changing the Name of a Second Instance of an Application        1
Q 11246  Changing Window Colors with Control Panel                       1
Q 11636  Windows Resource Numbering Starts at 1                          1 
Q 12172  How to Change a Window's Parent                                 1
Q 12384  More Information About Atoms                                    2
Q 19736  Split Scrolling Using Two Windows                               1
Q 28338  Return Value from ChangeClipboardChain()                        1
Q 28353  Scope of Window Classes                                         1 
Q 31075  PRB: Window Dragged Close to Screen Edge Becomes Invisible      1
Q 31747  Changing the Mouse Cursor for a Window                          2
Q 32685  Using the WM_CTLCOLOR Message                                   3
Q 35767  Obtaining an Application's Instance Handle                      1
Q 35774  Differences Between PostAppMessage and PostMessage Funcs        3 
Q 35957  Active Application, Active Window, Input Focus Definition       3
Q 36319  Algorithm Creates Window Same Size As Full-Screen Window        1
Q 36324  Performing Background Processing Without Using Timers           2
Q 36584  When PostMessage() Will Return 0, Indicating Failure            1
Q 36917  DlgDirSelect() Has Undocumented Behavior                        1 
Q 39544  Limit to the Number of Characters Stored in a List Box          1
Q 40620  Communicating Between Windows Virtual Machines with DDE         1
Q 42458  FatalExit 0x0001 Possible If WM_CTLCOLOR Used Improperly        2
Q 44740  General Information About Windows WM_TIMER Messages             1
Q 61803  Calculating Free System Resources in Microsoft Windows          2 
Q 64329  Windows Message-Processing Caveats                              1
Q 65111  Using WriteProfileString to Delete WIN.INI Entries              1
Q 65122  Executable-File Header Format                                   10
Q 65123  Font-File Format                                                7 
Q 66240  Aligning Columns in a Windows 3.x List Box                      2
Q 66654  Possible Causes for System Resource Reduction                   1
Q 66926  Dialog Box Creation Fails If Text Starts w/ Character 255       2
Q 67063  Inserting Right Justified Text in a Menu in Windows             1
Q 67249  Using Window Extra Bytes in Custom Controls                     1 
Q 67653  How to Respond When DDE Data Cannot Be Locked                   1
Q 67678  List Box and Combo Box Capacity Limits                          1
Q 68360  Control Panel Doesn't Respond to WM_WININICHANGE Messages       1
Q 68584  Avoid SetClassLong If Subclassing a Standard Control Class      1
Q 69079  How to Give a 3-D Effect to Windows Controls                    3 
Q 69888  Fatal Exit Code 0x0506 Definition                               1
Q 69889  Sources of Information Regarding Windows DDE                    2
Q 70074  Reactivating First (and Only) Instance of an Application        2
Q 71147  PRB: SDK Sample Programs Define Delete Accelerator Incorrectly  1
Q 71455  Tracking Down Lost System Resources                             3 
Q 71499  Menus Supported in Dialog Boxes w/o DS_MODALFRAME Style         1
Q 71573  Keeping a Window on Top of All Other Windows                    2
Q 71669  Preventing an MDI Child Window from Changing Size               2
Q 72219  Context-Sensitive Help in a Dialog Box Through F1               3
Q 74043  Changing the Color of an Edit Control                           2 
Q 74224  Freeing Resources Used by a Multiline Edit Control              1
Q 74225  Size Limits for a Multiline Edit Control                        2
Q 74332  Actions Prohibited in System Modal Dialog Boxes                 1
Q 74474  Killing the Parent of a Modal Dialog Box                        1
Q 74527  Designing Applications for High Screen Resolutions              2 
Q 74528  "Power-Friendly" Applications                                   1
Q 74539  Drawing the Icon for a Minimized Application                    2
Q 74602  Private Profile (INI) Files Not Designed as Database            1
Q 74608  When to Use WIN.INI or a Private INI File                       2
Q 74695  Adding Items to the System Menus of All Applications            1 
Q 74795  Using PeekMessage() Loops in a Dialog Box                       1
Q 74800  Working Around the STRINGTABLE 255 Character Limit              1
Q 75255  DBCS Support in Windows Versions 3.0 And 3.1                    1
Q 75337  Program Manager Restrictions Settings                           2
Q 75439  Tips for Writing DBCS-Compatible Applications                   2 
Q 75500  Altering Edit Control Strings in Place May Cause UAE            1
Q 75629  Ending the Windows Session from an Application                  1
Q 75631  XLTABLE Clipboard Format Documentation Available                2
Q 76103  Guidelines for Allocating Instance (Per-Window) Data            5
Q 76415  Creating a Progress Dialog with a Cancel Option                 3 
Q 77135  Different Ways to Close an Application Under Windows            2
Q 77782  Retrieve Line Number from Edit Control Sample Code              1
Q 77930  Modifying the System Menu of an MDI Child Window                2
Q 78155  Introduction to Nonpreemptive Multitasking in Windows           2
Q 79055  Overcoming the 64 Kilobyte Limit for List Box Data              2 
Q 79276  Subclassing the Desktop and Windows of Other Applications       1
Q 79342  Windows Paintbrush File Format                                  3
Q 79982  PRB: BS_GROUPBOX-Style Child Window Background Painting Wrong   2
Q 80084  Save System Resources with One Control per Control Class        2
Q 80125  Terminating the Creation of an MDI Child Window                 1 
Q 80843  Possible Causes of Dialog Box Creation Failure                  4
Q 81047  Microsoft Drag-Drop Server Strategy                             1
Q 81332  WH_CALLWNDPROC, WH_GETMESSAGE Hooks Sample Code                 1
Q 81547  DDEML CONVINFO Structure, wConvst Field Description             1
Q 81592  Timers and Timing in Microsoft Windows                          6 
Q 81707  WM_CTLCOLOR Processing for Combo Boxes of all Styles            2
Q 81708  Creating Applications that Task Manager Does Not Tile           1
Q 83302  Using the WM_GETDLGCODE Message                                 4
Q 83461  Extended Characters Different Under Windows                     3
Q 83543  Implementing the Drag-Drop Protocol                             1 
Q 83916  CONVINFO Data Structure wStatus Field Description               1
Q 84900  PRB: Vertical Bars Displayed in Message Box, Control Text       1
Q 85010  Multiple Document Interface Enhancements in Windows 3.1         3
Q 86333  ODVHLB Demonstrates Owner-Draw Variable-Height List Box         2
Q 86872  Program Manager DDE Command AddItem Documentation               1 
Q 87536  PRB: Crash Double-Clicking File in Open or Save Common Dialog   1
Q 88190  PRB: DLL System Hook Function Not Affecting Apps System-Wide    1
Q 88192  WM_PAINTICON Message Removed from Windows SDK Docs              2
Q 89542  Software Library Has DDE Management Library Information         1
Q 89562  Buttons and Cursors Documentation and Sample                    1 
Q 89563  Both Windows in SetParent() Call Must Belong to Same Task       1
Q 89566  PRB: Common Dialog Box Hook Function Cannot Access Variables    1
Q 89738  Handling WM_QUIT While Not in Primary GetMessage() Loop         2
Q 90854  PRB: Accented Characters in Filename Controls Lose Accents      1
Q 92540  Is DdePostAdvise Synchronous?                                   1 
Q 94606  Setting the CAPS LOCK, SCROLL LOCK, and NUM LOCK States         1
Q 94954  PRB: DdeInitialize Fails in Implicitly-Loaded DLL's LibMain()   1
Q 95578  PRB: Double-Click Does Not Close Win 3.1 Maximized MDI Child    1
Q 96427  Detecting Whether a Menu Is Open                                1
Q 96726  PRB: MAKEFILE for HOOKS Sample Implemented Incorrectly          1 
Q 97361  Adding 3D Controls Using CTL3D.DLL                              1
Q 98871  PRB: Using HSZ in AFXEXT.H and DDEML.H                          1
Q 99337  PRB: Using ToAscii() in Journal Record Hooks                    1
Q 99340  Windows 3.1 Card File Format                                    3
Q 100363 How to Use Network DDE                                          2 
Q 101416 .PIF File Format Unavailable                                    1
Q 102572 Changes Between Win 3.1 and WFW 3.1 Versions of DDEML           1
Q 102575 Obtaining Group/Item Info from ProgMan Using DDEML              2
Q 102577 Using the ShowGroup() Command in Program Manager                2
Q 102590 Using ReplaceItem() Command in Program Manager DDE              1 
Q 102641 EM_SETSEL wParam Not Used in Single Line Edit Controls          1
Q 102645 PRB: Min/Max Boxes Do Not Work with DS_MODALFRAME               1
Q 104394 Dynamic Data Exchange Interface for Replacement Shells          6
Q 104959 Types of System Modal Message Boxes                             2
Q 107693 How to Detect Mouse and Mouse Port                              2 
Q 107695 Updating Multiple Device= Lines in SYSTEM.INI                   1
Q 108926 DdeCreateDataHandle() Memory Allocation Granularity DDEML       1
Q 108933 Top 10 DDEML Support Issues                                     3
Q 108937 Graying Text in Disabled Multiline Edit Controls                2
Q 110661 PRB: Windows 3.1 SDK HOOKS Sample Causes a GP Fault             1 
Q 113892 PRB: GetVersion Returns 3.10 from Windows for Workgroups 3.11   1
Q 127153 PRB: Caret Appears Outside Border in Multiline Edit Control     1 

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Last Reviewed: June 10, 1999