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Microsoft KB Archive/107897

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Works for MS-DOS Converter Limitations in Word 6.0 for Windows


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0


This article provides information about limitations and options when converting between Word 6.0 for Windows and Works for MS-DOS.

Features that are converted completely are not listed. Only features that are not converted, are not supported in one product or the other, or require some comment are included. "Yes" means the feature exists in both products and is converted from one product to the other. "No" means it exists in both products but is not completely converted between the two. "N/S" means the feature is not supported in one of the products or is not converted completely between products.

                        Word 6.0      Works to
Feature                 to Works      Word 6.0   Comments
-------                 --------      --------   --------

Character Formatting:

  Color                 No            No         All character colors map
                                                 to Auto in Word for

  Font Mapping          See...........comment    Because a particular word
                                                 processor's fonts are
                                                 dependent on the
                                                 installed printer
                                                 drivers, fonts may not be
                                                 translated perfectly when
                                                 converting to and from
                                                 Microsoft Word 6.0.

                                                 You can control the font
                                                 translation of Works for
                                                 MS-DOS files by using the
                                                 font-mapping file
                                                 RTF_WWP.TXT, which is
                                                 included on the
                                                 Supplemental File
                                                 Conversions Disk. The
                                                 font-mapping file
                                                 overrides the default
                                                 font mapping made by the
                                                 Word 6.0 converter.

                                                 To use RTF_WWP.TXT,
                                                 rename its filename
                                                 extension to .DAT and
                                                 move it to the same
                                                 directory as the
                                                 converter. To customize
                                                 the file, open it in Word
                                                 and follow the
                                                 instructions contained in
                                                 the file itself.

Paragraph Formatting:

  Tabs                  See...........comment    Tab leaders for default
                                                 tabs in Works are not
                                                 converted to Word.

  Bullets and           See comment   N/S        Bullets and numbering are
  Numbering                                      converted to plain text.

Section Formatting:

  Headers/footers       See...........comment    To be converted, headers
                                                 and footers must be
                                                 located at the beginning
                                                 of the Works document.
                                                 Works headers are
                                                 converted to a single
                                                 paragraph in Word.

  Even/odd special      See...........comment    Works does not have
                                                 different right and left
                                                 headers. If one of the
                                                 two is present in a Word
                                                 document, it is preserved
                                                 in the Works document. If
                                                 right and left headers
                                                 are both present, the
                                                 latter of the two is

  Tables                See comment   N/S        Table cells in Word are
                                                 converted to sequential
                                                 paragraphs in Works.

Other Features:

  Frames                See comment   N/S        Framed objects are
                                                 vertically positioned
                                                 when converted to Works.

  Annotations           See comment   N/S        Annotations are converted
                                                 to footnotes in Works.

  Footnotes (manual     See...........comment    Only the first character
  reference marks)                               of a user-defined
                                                 footnote reference mark
                                                 is converted to Works.
                                                 Automatic footnotes are

                                                 Works 3.0 end-of-page
                                                 footnotes convert to end-
                                                 of-section footnotes

  Graphics              No            No

  Spreadsheet Links     No            No

  Styles                See comment   N/S        Styles are converted to
                                                 direct formatting in

  Outlining             No            N/S        Outline structure is lost
                                                 when converting to Works.

  Tables of contents,   See...........comment    Generated tables of
  indexes, tables of                             contents and indexes
  authority                                      are converted. TC (Table
                                                 of Contents Entry) fields
                                                 are not converted. 


The information above is extracted from the SCNVINFO.DOC file supplied with the Word 6.0 for Windows Supplemental File Conversions Disks.

For information on limitations and options when converting to and from file formats for which converters are supplied with Word, double-click the Help button on the Standard toolbar in Word, and then type readme. Press ENTER twice, click File Conversion, and view the relevant Conversion Limitations topic.

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Last Reviewed: November 4, 2000
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