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WinWorks Converter Limitations in Word 6.0 for Windows


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0


This article provides information about limitations and options when converting between Word 6.0 for Windows and Works 2.0 for Windows.

Features that are converted completely are not listed. Only features that are not converted, are not supported in one product or the other, or require some comment are included. "Yes" means the feature exists in both products and is converted from one product to the other. "No" means it exists in both products but is not completely converted between the two. "N/S" means the feature is not supported in one of the products or is not converted completely between products.

                        Word 6.0      Works to
Feature                 to Works      Word 6.0   Comments
-------                 --------      --------   --------

Character Formatting:                            This changes to plain
                                                 text format in Works for
                                                 Windows if format is not

  All caps, small       No            N/S
  caps, hidden, and

  Underline (dotted,    See comment   N/S        Works for Windows
  double, word)                                  supports only single,
                                                 continuous underlining.

  Spacing (condensed,   No            N/S

  Columns               No            N/S

Document Formatting:

  Footnotes             See...........comment    Footnotes are always
                                                 located at the end of the
                                                 document in Works for

  Summary information   No            N/S

  Widow control         No            S/C        This feature is automatic
                                                 in Works for Windows.

Page Formatting:

  Margin (gutter),      No            N/S
  mirror even/odd
  pages, page
  orientation, paper

Paragraph Formatting:

  Background shading,   No            N/S

  Numbering             No            N/S

  Borders               Yes           Yes        Thin, thick, and double
                                                 borders are converted
                                                 properly. Unsupported
                                                 border styles become thin
                                                 line borders.

  Page break before     See comment   N/S        This format is converted
                                                 to hard page breaks in
                                                 Works for Windows.

  Tabs                  See comment   Yes        Negative tabs are not
                                                 allowed in Works for

Section Formatting:                              Works for Windows does
                                                 not have section
                                                 formatting. Many
                                                 properties related to
                                                 sections in Word 6.0
                                                 become document
                                                 properties in Works for

  Section breaks        No            N/S        Section breaks are
  (even, odd,                                    converted to page breaks
  continuous, next                               in Works for Windows.

  Headers/footers       See...........comment    Headers and footers are
                                                 document properties in
                                                 Works for Windows.
                                                 Even/Odd Special is not
                                                 converted. First Page
                                                 Special in Works for
                                                 Windows only offers
                                                 options of no header or
                                                 footer on first page.

  Line numbering        No            N/S

  Restart page number   No            N/S
  at 1

  Vertical alignment    No            N/S
  (top, centered,

  Tables                No            N/S        Tables are converted to
                                                 tab-delimited text in
                                                 Works for Windows.

Other Features:

  Frames                No            N/S

  Annotations           See comment   N/S        Annotations are converted
                                                 to footnotes in Works for
                                                 Windows, retaining the
                                                 page number reference.

  Endnotes              No            N/S

  Footnotes             See...........comment    Numbering of footnotes is
                                                 different in the two
                                                 products. Works for
                                                 Windows counts manual
                                                 footnote entries in the
                                                 numbering sequence,
                                                 whereas Word 6.0 counts
                                                 these separately.

  Footnote starting     No            N/S        Footnotes always start
  number, separators,                            with 1 in Works for
  continuation                                   Windows.
  notices, restart
  each section

  Footnote position     No            N/S        Notes are always endnotes
  (end of page, end                              in Works for Windows and
  of document)                                   appear at the end of the

  Graphics (cropping)   No            N/S

  Drawing Layer         No            N/S

  Styles                No            N/S        Word 6.0 styles are
                                                 converted to direct
                                                 formatting in Works for

  Outlining             No            N/S

  Revision marks        No            N/S

  Tables of contents,   See comment   N/S        The tables are converted
  indexes, tables of                             to text-result only in
  authorities                                    Works for Windows.

  Print Merge           No            No         Merge fields are
  commands (logic,                               converted, but data
  data files)                                    documents are not
                                                 automatically converted.

  Date/time stamps      No            N/S
  (custom), page
  number (format,
  (INCLUDE field)

  Cross-references/     See comment   Yes        Bookmarks are not allowed
  bookmarks                                      in a Word 6.0 header or
                                                 footer. Bookmarks in
                                                 these areas are lost.

  Fields (equations,    No            N/S        Field results are brought
  formulas, links,                               in where possible when
  form fields, bar                               converting from Word 6.0
  codes)                                         to Works for Windows.

  Object linking and    Yes           Yes        Word 6.0 is a client for
  embedding (OLE)                                Works for Windows charts,
                                                 MS Draw drawings, and
                                                 Microsoft Excel charts
                                                 and worksheets.

  Bullets/Numbering     See comment   N/S        Automatic bullets and
                                                 numbering are converted
                                                 to plain text. 


The information above is extracted from the SCNVINFO.DOC file supplied with the Word 6.0 for Windows Supplemental File Conversions Disks.

For information on limitations and options when converting to and from file formats for which converters are supplied with Word, double-click the Help button on the Standard toolbar in Word, and then type readme. Press ENTER twice, click File Conversion, and view the relevant Conversion Limitations topic.

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