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How Character Attributes Convert Between WordPerfect and Word


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0


The following is a list of all character attributes and how they convert between Word 6.0 for Windows and WordPerfect version 5.1 for MS-DOS and versions 5.1 and 5.2 for Windows.

All formatting-feature names listed below are based on their Word for Windows naming conventions. When a name for a similar or equivalent feature in WordPerfect differs, that name is included within parentheses. A key of abbreviations is included following the table.

                         WP    Win
Character                to    to
Formatting               Win   WP    Comments
----------               ---   ---   --------

(Attributes Defined                  In WordPerfect, bold and/or italic
 with Base Font)                     attributes can be applied as an
                                     integral part of some font
  Bold                    Y    N/A   definitions. Such a definition might
                                     appear in WordPerfect Reveal Codes
  Italic                  Y    N/A   similar to the following:

  Bold Italic             Y    N/A      [Font:Bookman <Bold> 12pt]

                                     When a document containing this type
                                     of formatting is converted to Word,
                                     the bold and/or italic attributes are
                                     retained as independent formats.

Attributes Applied Independently:

  Bold                    Y     Y

  Italic                  Y     Y

  Strikethrough           Y     Y

  Hidden                  Y     Y    WordPerfect Comment entries are
  (Comment)                          converted to hidden text in Word, and
                                     vice versa.

                                     Bold, italic, and underline formats
                                     applied within a comment in
                                     WordPerfect are retained as
                                     independent formatting in Word.

  Small caps              Y     Y

  All caps               N/A    E    WordPerfect's Convert Case command
  (Capitalization:                   Uppercase and Lowercase options are
   upper/lowercase)                  actions, not formats. If you choose
                                     to convert case, the action is
                                     permanent and all that remains is
                                     capitalized text. Therefore, in
                                     conversion to Word, capitalized text
                                     is preserved as capitalized text, but
                                     no all caps format is applied.

                                     In conversion to WordPerfect, all
                                     caps incorrectly maps to small caps.
                                     For more information, query on the
                                     following words:

                                        textconv all caps wordperfect

  Super/subscript         Y     Y

    Position             N/A    N    Custom offsets above or below the
                                     baseline are not a feature of
                                     WordPerfect, and any setting applied
                                     in Word reverts to the default offset
                                     in WordPerfect.

  Color                   P     Y    Word currently supports 16 font
  (Print Color)                      colors. WordPerfect supports a larger
                                     palette (however this is restricted
                                     by the current printer's capability).
                                     WordPerfect also allows adjustment of
                                     hue, saturation (density), and
                                     lumination (brightness).

                                     The WordPerfect predefined colors
                                     black, white, red, green, blue,
                                     yellow, magenta, cyan, and gray are
                                     converted to dark variations of the
                                     same colors in Word. Orange and
                                     brown, which have no equivalents, are
                                     converted to dark red and dark
                                     yellow, respectively. Custom color
                                     definitions comprising any
                                     combination of hue, saturation, and
                                     lumination are converted to white.

  (Outline)               N    N/A   Not a feature of Word for Windows.

  (Shadow)                N    N/A   Not a feature of Word for Windows.

  (Size)                             In WordPerfect, character size
                                     can be changed not only by literally
    Fine                  Y    N/A   specifying a new font/size, but also
                                     by using the Size command.
    Small                 Y    N/A
                                     When a size command is applied in
    Large                 Y    N/A   WordPerfect, it changes the size of
                                     the text it encompasses in proportion
    Very large            Y    N/A   to the size of the current base font.

    Extra large           Y    N/A   WordPerfect supplies six size
                                     options, including Fine, Small,
    Super/subscript       Y    N/A   Large, Very Large, Extra Large, and
                                     Super/Subscript. By default,
    Changes to default    N    N/A   these sizes are applied as 60%, 80%,
    size ratios                      120%, 150%, 200%, and 60% of the
                                     current base font point size.

                                     For example, in a WordPerfect
                                     document containing a single font
                                     definition of Courier 12pt, if the
                                     Very Large Size command is applied to
                                     text following this font definition
                                     in the document, 200% of 12pt equals
                                     24pt. Indeed, 24pt is the font size
                                     that will be applied in conversion to

                                     WordPerfect also allows changes to be
                                     made to the size attribute ratios for
                                     any of its 6 size formats. For
                                     example, the ratio for Extra Large
                                     can be changed from its default of
                                     200% to any other percentage. Changes
                                     to the default ratios are not
                                     respected when a document is
                                     converted to Word.


    Condensed             N     N
    (percent of

    Expanded              N     N
    (percent of

  (Word Spacing)          N    N/A

    Justification         N    N/A


    (Automatic)           Y     Y    When converting WordPerfect documents
                                     in which automatic kerning is active,
                                     the Points And Above measure in Word
                                     for the kerned text is set to the
                                     current font size active at the
                                     location at which kerning was applied
                                     in the original WordPerfect document.

    (Manual)              Y    N/A   WordPerfect Manual Kerning is
                                     actually applied within WordPerfect
                                     documents as Advance formatting and
                                     is converted as such. For more
                                     information on how Advance formatting
                                     is converted, query on the following

                                        textconv wordperfect advance 


Table Key

Y   - Supported in conversion
N   - Not supported in conversion
E   - Emulated in appearance with loss of actual format, or emulated with
      similar formatting feature
P   - Partially retained
N/A - Not applicable: The source product does not have this feature. 

The WordPerfect products mentioned here are manufactured by a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products' performance or reliability.

For more information or support with WordPerfect, contact WordPerfect Customer Support at (800) 228-1029.

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