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Expanding Share from the MS-DOS 6.2 Upgrade Disks


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0
  • Microsoft MS-DOS operating system version 6.2


If you are using Word for Windows, you may need to expand MS-DOS 6.2 SHARE.EXE from the original MS-DOS disks (because SHARE.EXE has been deleted or corrupted). If you upgraded to MS-DOS 6.2 using the MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up program, you cannot expand the MS-DOS 6.2 version of SHARE.EXE (as well as many other of the MS-DOS 6.2 files).


MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up uses binary patch files to patch the MS-DOS 6.0 files into the MS-DOS 6.2 version. Each binary patch file <filename.xx#> contains a checksum for the original MS-DOS 6.0 file and information on how to patch the file. For this reason, you cannot directly expand SHARE.EXE (and many other MS-DOS 6.2 files) off the MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up disks.


To work around this situation:

  1. Restore the MS-DOS 6.0 file by expanding it from one of the original MS-DOS 6 Upgrade disks. For example, put the MS-DOS 6.0 Disk 2 in drive A, type the following at the MS-DOS command prompt, and then press ENTER:

    c:\dos\expand a:\share.ex_ c:\dos\share.exe

  2. Run MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up.

Additional query words: 6.0 msdos stepup step up share.ex# word6 winword

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