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Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Exchange Electronic Forms Designer 5.0, when used with:
    • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.0
    • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.0b
    • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.2

This article was previously published under Q107771


When you choose the Select E-Form command from the Mail menu of versions 3.0, 3.0b, or 3.2 of Microsoft Mail for Windows, you may receive the following error message:

Illegal Function Call

You may also receive this error message when you select the Route command in Microsoft Word or Excel.


This error sometimes indicates that a universal naming convention (UNC) path is defined for the SharedExtensionsDir in the MSMAIL.INI file. The Browser application code that parses a UNC shared extensions path may fail if the UNC path does not contain a backslash (\) as the last character in its definition. For example, the following MSMAIL.INI entry may generate the above error:



To solve the problem, add a "\" to the end of the path definition:



You can also solve this problem by modifying the Browser application code that handles UNC paths. To do so:

  1. Open the BROWSER.MAK project in Visual Basic (VB\EFORMS\MEFBROWS).
  2. From the Project window, select BROWSER.FRM. Click the View Code button.
  3. From the Proc: list box, select fConnectShared.
  4. Modify the code as follows:

          If Left(szSharedDir, 2) = "\\" Then
             ' Handle UNC path and obtain connection substring length
             ' Ensure that the path doesn't end in a trailing slash
             If (Right(szSharedDir, 1) = "\") Then
                 szSharedDir = Left(szSharedDir, Len(szSharedDir) - 1)
             End If
             iShare = InStr(3, szSharedDir, "\")
             iPath = Len(szSharedDir)
             ' see if a connection already exists
             szNetDrive = SzExistingConnection(Left(szSharedDir, iPath))
             If szNetDrive = "" Then
             ' No previous connection exists, find a free drive letter
                szNetDrive = GetFreeDrive()
             ' and connect if a drive is free
                If szNetDrive = "" Then
                   ' No free drive is available to connect
                   FConnectShared = False
                   Exit Function
                ElseIf WNetAddConnection(Left(szSharedDir, iPath), "",
          szNetDrive) <> 0 Then
                   ' Connection failed
                   FConnectShared = False
                   Exit Function
                End If
             End If
             szSharedDir = szNetDrive & Right(szSharedDir,
          Len(szSharedDir) - iPath)
          End If

NOTE: Code that wraps to a new line here should be entered on the same line in Visual Basic. Also, this is not the most streamlined code for this procedure, it requires the fewest changes from the original.

  1. Choose Make .EXE File from the File menu and replace the existing MEFBROWS.EXE in the WINDOWS subdirectory.

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