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PUB2: "ClipArt Gallery Cannot Open..." Error

PUB2: "ClipArt Gallery Cannot Open..." Error


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a


You may receive the following error message:

   The ClipArt Gallery cannot open C:\MSPUB\CLIPART\PUB20ART.IDX. You may
   be having hardware problems or someone else may be using the file.


Local, non-shared installation

This error message is generated if the following five events have occurred:

1. Publisher and ClipArt Gallery have been installed.

2. Clip art images have been added to the ClipArt Gallery (IDX files have
   been merged with ARTGALRY.IDX).

3. Publisher has been erased and reinstalled to a different location.

4. The ARTGALRY.INI file is still the original file; it was not replaced
   when Publisher was reinstalled.

5. ClipArt Gallery has been started.

NOTE: The lines in the ARTGALRY.INI file still point to the
original location of PUB20ART.IDX and it is no longer at that

Network-shared workstation installation

When trying to run ClipArt Gallery after installing Microsoft
Publisher 2.0 to a network node/workstation using SETUP /N, you
may receive the following error message

   The ClipArt Gallery cannot open <drive>:\MSPUB\CLIPART\PUB20ART.IDX.
   You may be having hardware problems or someone else may be using
   the file.

where <drive> is the drive in which your MSPUB directory resides.


Local, non-shared installation

Try one of the following methods:

1. If the IDX files have not been merged with ClipArt Gallery, edit the
   ARTGALRY.INI file, [Import] section, correcting the paths to the IDX
   file(s), prior to starting ClipArt Gallery and attempting to merge the
   IDX file(s).


2. If ClipArt Gallery has been launched and the IDX files merged:

    - Delete the ARTGALRY.INI file from the \WINDOWS directory.

    - Delete the IDX and THM files from the \WINDOWS\MSAPPS\ARTGALRY

    - Reinstall the program files from a custom installation of Publisher.
      This will put the correct lines back into the [Import] section of the
      ARTGALRY.INI file and allow the merge process to recur the next time
      ClipArt Gallery is started, by giving the correct paths to the IDX

Network-shared workstation installation

To rectify this problem, do one of the following two procedures:

1. Re-install Microsoft Publisher 2.0 to the network (SETUP /A).
   Set the PUB20ART.IDX and PUB20ART.THM files to Read-Only
   before any user runs ClipArt Gallery.


2. Re-install using Microsoft Publisher 2.0a disks. Publisher
   2.0a Setup marks these files as Read-Only automatically.

To obtain Publisher 2.0a, call the Microsoft Order Desk at (800) 360-7561.
If you are outside the United States, contact the Microsoft subsidiary for
your area. To locate your subsidiary, call the Microsoft International
Sales Information Center at (425) 936-8661.


When ClipArt Gallery is started for the first time, a message window
is displayed titled, "Microsoft ClipArt Gallery." In it, the
following message, or one similar to this, will appear:

   Would you like to add clipart from Microsoft Publisher 2.0 now? This may
   take a few minutes. Yes No

If you choose Yes, ClipArt Gallery looks to the ARTGALRY.INI file in the
[Import] section to find the path to any existing IDX files. If this search
reveals lines such as the following that point to IDX files

   File1=E:\CLIPART, PUB20ART.IDX, PUB20ART.THM, Microsoft Publisher 2.0

the IDX and THM files are merged and images are created for the gallery.
After merging, the IDX and THM files are deleted from the installation
directory, and the line in the ARTGALRY.INI is removed from the [Import]

The line is erased so the same prompt won't display the next time
ClipArt Gallery is started. If it DID display again and you chose Yes,
duplicate images would be produced in the gallery.

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