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How to Create Raised or Recessed Buttons

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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, versions 2.5, 2.5a, and 2.5b


In the FoxPro for Windows sample applications (for example, CLIENT.APP in the FOXPROW\SAMPLE\ORGANIZE directory), the push buttons appear to be raised or recessed. To create these buttons, follow the procedure described below.

NOTE: These buttons can be created only in FoxPro for Windows.


The buttons appear to be raised or recessed because they are surrounded by boxes in which the top and bottom and left and right sides of the box are in contrasting colors. The best colors for making a box have a raised or recessed look are white and dark gray with a light gray background.

To create a raised or recessed box:

1. Open a screen in FoxPro for Windows.

2. From the Screen menu, choose Layout. Choose the Color button and select

   light gray. Click OK twice.

3. In the toolbox, select the Line tool. 4. Draw a box on the screen using four lines.

5. Click the top side of the box. From the Object menu, choose Pen Color,

   and select white to create a raised box or dark gray to create a
   recessed box.

6. Click the left side of the box and follow the same procedure as above,

   choosing the same color.

7. Click the right side of the box and follow the same procedure as above

   but choose the color (white or dark gray) opposite to the one used for
   the left and top sides.

8. Do the same for the bottom side, making it the same color as the right


The box will now appear to be raised if the top and left sides are white and the bottom and right sides are dark gray. If the colors of the sides are reversed, the box will appear to be recessed. To make the box appear raised or recessed to a greater or lesser degree, choose Pen from the Object menu and change the thickness of the lines.

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