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Works: Files Required for OLE Functionality

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Article Last Modified on 9/2/1999


  • Microsoft Works 3.0 Standard Edition

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The following is a summary of the files used to implement OLE 2.0 functionality in Works 3.0 and a brief description of what the files do. All of these files are located in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

OLE2.DLL: Basic OLE functionality, mapping class names to interfaces

OLE2CONV.DLL: Converts between object types

OLE2DISP.DLL: Accesses objects through their methods and properties

OLE2NLS.DLL: Facilitates string comparisons in OLE

OLE2PROX.DLL: Cross-process dispatch

PUBOLE.DLL: Required for WordArt 2.0

COMPOBJ.DLL: Dealing with compound objects

STORAGE.DLL: Dealing with compound documents

WKSOLE.DLL: Standard OLE functionality unique to Works

WKSOLEUI.DLL: Works user interface for OLE functionality

OLE2.REG: Standard registration information for OLE 2.0 in the REG.DAT file

  • OLECLI.DLL: Used by OLE 1.0 destination (client) applications (not installed)

  • OLESVR.DLL: Used by OLE 1.0 source (server) applications (not installed)

  • NOTE: OLECLI.DLL and OLESVR.DLL are used by Works for Windows 2.0 for OLE 1.0 compliance. Works 3.0 does not use or install these files, but they still apply to OLE functionality.

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