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PRJ: HP Laserjet 4 Printing Incorrectly to Novell Network


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Project for Windows, versions 3.0, 3.0a, 4.0


When printing from Microsoft Project over a Novell Network, to a Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4, the output may be garbled or contain funny characters. This may be caused by the Print Head setting, a Novell network client (workstation) setting, which must be set to equal to 255.


In the Novell environment, you can specify the size of the buffer that holds information to initialize a printer for each print job. The initializing information may be instructions such as font selections, page length, orientation and so forth.

Likewise, you can specify the buffer size that holds information to reset the printer once a print job has completed. There are a variety of these codes already designed in files for various printers called printer definition files which come with Novell. The utility used to create and modify these is called PRINTDEF.

When using these configuration files, you need to tell Novell how much data will be sent. The codes sent before a print job are called the head, and the codes sent after the job are called the tail. You specify the length in characters in the SHELL.CFG (or NET.CFG) file with the following lines:

PRINT HEAD XX (where XX is the number or characters) PRINT TAIL XX (where XX is the number or characters)

If your number is too small, the codes will be truncated and your job will begin before all necessary printer initialization codes are sent. This is what causes the output to be garbled or contain funny characters.

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