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Microsoft KB Archive/107481

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PUB2x: OLE Source Applications Unavailable with Visio 2.0

PUB2x: OLE Source Applications Unavailable with Visio 2.0


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher version 2.0
 - Microsoft Windows, versions 3.1 and 3.11
 - Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, versions 3.1 and 3.11


If you install Publisher 2.0 on a system that has Visio 2.0 already 
installed on it, you may find that Publisher hangs when you try to open 
a Publisher document that contains one or more Microsoft Draw objects. 
You may also receive error messages indicating that your system is 
unable to communicate with the OLE source application.

You may also find that Microsoft Draw runs successfully from Windows 
Write (an OLE1 application,) and that the date of the file OLE2.DLL 
matches the date of the Visio files.

NOTE: This problem does not occur if you are using Windows 95.


1. From a command line, type "regedit /v" (without the quotation marks).

2. From the Search menu, choose the Find Key command.

3. In the Find What box, type "{00030007" (without the quotation marks),
   and choose Find Next.

4. From the Edit menu, choose Add Key.

5. In the Key box, type "MiscStatus" (without the quotation marks).

6. In the Value box, type "512" (without the quotation marks).

7. Choose OK.

8. From the File menu, choose Save. From the File menu, choose Exit and
   restart Publisher.

This should allow the registration entry to access Draw using an OLE 2.0
(object-linking-and-embedding) destination application.


The following error messages may appear under the above circumstances:

 - Unable to launch or communicate with server application.

 - Publisher is unable to open the application needed to complete this
   task. Your system may be low on memory. Save your work and close any
   other applications to free up memory, and then try again. If you've
   already done this, the application may not be accessible. Press F1
   now if you want more information. 

The following two problems seem to be caused by installing Visio 2.0 
first and then installing Publisher 2.0.

1. Microsoft Draw cannot be run as a source from within Publisher
   because Microsoft Draw did not get registered properly in REG.DAT

   NOTE: If you try to run Microsoft Draw from Publisher using the
   Insert Object command on the Edit menu, an error message is displayed
   that states that the source application cannot be accessed.  This
   does not happen in Microsoft Word for Windows, version 2.0.

2. In the Insert Object dialog box, there are two entries for
   Visio Drawing.

NOTE: Saving files, WordArt, and file input/output (that is, reading and
writing to disk) work correctly.

The products included here are manufactured by vendors independent of
Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these
products' performance or reliability. For more information on Visio,
contact Shapeware technical support at (800) 446-3335.

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