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Microsoft KB Archive/107413

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Publisher OLE Objects Resize When Printer Is Changed

Publisher OLE Objects Resize When Printer Is Changed


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher version 2.0


When the printer is changed, some object-linking-and-embedding (OLE)
objects may resize themselves.


There are two possible workarounds, depending on the OLE source

1. Make sure that OLE object is copied "as printed" from the
   source application to the Windows clipboard.


2. Group the embedded object with something else on the page.


Some OLE objects may be created by programs that render objects
differently depending on their target printer (Excel is one such
application). When the printer is changed in Publisher, all OLE
objects that care about the printer are asked to update themselves,
which may cause a size change.  Objects may change size after they
were first pasted because the initial object is the screen version of
the object, and all updates to the object are the printer version.
This problem may show up when changing from/to a number of different
printers, but is usually more dramatic if the printers have very
different printing resolutions.


1. Copy and paste an Excel table into Publisher 2.0.

2. Change the printer driver from LaserJet IV to Intel Faxability
   (other printer-driver may work, but with these it is very obvious).

NOTE: The image changes size suddenly by about 30 percent.

Additional query words: 2.0 mspub