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Microsoft KB Archive/107346

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Article ID: 107346

Article Last Modified on 9/25/1999


  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11

This article was previously published under Q107346


This article contains lists of modems that are known to be compatible or incompatible with Microsoft At Work PC Fax. Modems that do not appear in this list have not been tested by Microsoft Corporation.

NOTE: The manufacturer of your modem may have updated the hardware since this list was compiled, causing its modem(s) to be compatible (or no longer to be compatible) with Microsoft At Work PC Fax.


Compatible U.S. Modems

Vendor                 Model                    Class   Ext/Int
Cardinal               14400 v32bis               1,2   E
GVC                    FM-9648                      1   E
GVC                    FAX Modem 14400bps           2   E
GVC                    FAX Modem 14400bps           2   I
GVC                    FAX Modem 2400bps            1   I
GVC                    9624Vbis                     2   E
Hayes                  Optima96+Fax96 5101AM        1   E
Hayes                  Optima 144 +Fax144 5100AM    1   E
Hayes                  Optima24+Fax96 4000AM        1   E
Intel                  SatisFAXtion 400e            1   E
Intel                  SatisFAXtion 400I          CAS   I
Intel                  SatisFAXtion 300I            1   I
Intel                  SatisFAXtion 200I          CAS   I
Practical Peripheral   PM14400FX v.32bis            1   I
Practical Peripheral   PM14400FXMT                  1   E
Practical Peripheral   PM14400FXSA                  1   E
Practical Peripheral   PM9600FXMT                   1   E
Practical Peripheral   PM2400FX Mini (RC229DP)      1   E
Practical Peripheral   PM2400EFX                    1   I
Practical Peripheral   PP 24/96 (PP224ATF)          1   I
Practical Peripheral   RC229DP (Same as Mini)       1   I
Supra                  FAX v32bis 144               1   E
Supra                  FAX v32bis 144               1   I
Supra                  FAX 24/96                    1   I
U.S. Robotics          Sportster 144                1   I
U.S. Robotics          Sportster 144                1   E
U.S. Robotics          Sportster 9600               1   E
U.S. Robotics          Courier Dual                 1   E
Zoom                   Pocket                       1   E
Zoom                   AFX 96 224ATF                1   E
Zoom                   v32bis                       1,2 E

ATI                    Technology 2400et e          1   E
ATI                    Technology 14400etc e        1   E
ATT                    Paradyne DataPort 144        1,2 E
ATT                    Microelectronics AK144       1   I
Best Data Products     1442FX14400                  1,2 E
Best Data Products     Smart One                    1,2 I
Boca Research, Inc.    Boca Modem 14400             1   E
Cirrus Logic           CL-MD 9624at/ec2             1   I
Compaq                 224ATF                       1   I
Computer Peripheral    ViVa 2496if                  2   I
Computer Peripheral    ViVa 14.4/fax                1,2 E
Computer Peripheral    ViVa 14.4/fax                1,2 I
Data Race              RediCARD                     1   PCMCIA
Data Race              ActionFAX                    1   I
Digicom System (DSI)   Scout Plus                   1   E
Epson                  EFM144                       1   PCMCIA
Epson                  EFM96                        1   PCMCIA
Ericsson               Semafor 2324C                1   E
Gateway                Telepath FM144               1   E
Gateway                Telepath II                  1   I
Sierra                 VoDaFax                      2   I
Sierra                 Class 1                      1   I
TDK                    Data Fax Modem               1   I
UDS Motorola           FasTalkFAX32BX LP II         1   E
UDS Motorola           V.3257                       1   E
ZyXEL                  U-1496 Plus                  2   E

Macronix, Inc.         Maxfax96/144                 1,2 I
Macronix, Inc.         MaxLite 144                  2   E
Megahertz Corp.        144bps Pocket Fax ModemP2144 1,2 E
Megahertz Corp.        96/96 Pocket                 1   E
Megahertz Corp.        XJ1144                       1   PCMCIA
Megahertz Corp.        CC324FM                      1   PCMCIA
MultiTech              MT1432M                      2   E
MultiTech              MT932ba                      2   E
MultiTech              MT224ba                      2   E
Twincom Twin           144/DF                       1,2 E
Twincom Twin           144/Dfi                      1,2 I

Adtech Micro           Comm Panion 96/24            1   E
Adtech Micro           Data Fax 96/24               1,2 I
Adtech Micro           Hiper Fax 14/14              1   I
Adtech Micro           Comm Panion 14/14            1   E
Alphanetics            224ATF                       1   I
CMS Enhancements       v.24bis/MNP5                 2   E
E-Tech                 UFOMate P1496MX              2   E
Everex                 EV-960                       2   I
Holmes Microsystems    Fax 'em Pocket 96            1,2 E
LASAT                  Unique 144                   1   E
Microcom               MicroPorte 4232bis           1   E
PCDigital              96/48                        1   I
PSI Integration        COMstation One               1   I

Compatible International Modems

Country   Vendor             Model                      Class  Type

AUS       AVTEK              MegaPlus Fax V.32bis CD930   2    Pocket
AUS       AVTEK              Mega-Date Fax CD900          1    E
AUS       Maestro            RC224FMI                     1    E
AUS       Maestro            144FMFI                      1    E
AUS       Netcomm            Pocket PA-PM2100BE           1    Pocket
AUS       Netcomm            PM1500PK Modem 24            1    Pocket
AUS       Netcomm            SmartModem E7F               2    E

FRA       3X                 396D                         1,2  E
FRA       Kortex             KX Pro 2400 Pocket           1    Pocket
FRA       Kortex             Pocket                       1    Pocket
FRA       NovaFax            14400 Fax                    1    Pocket
FRA       PNB                Baby-Pro TT1496              1,2  Pocket

GER       Dr. Neuhaus        Fury DNE 5005                2   PCMCIA
GER       Dr. Neuhaus        Fury DNE 1086                2   E
GER       Intel              CAS/9600                     CAS I

ITA       CDC-SPA            CDC-9623 FAX-ECE             1,2 E
ITA       CDC-SPA            CDC-9623 FAX-ICE             1,2 I
ITA       DIGICOM            SNM41PC                      1   I
ITA       SYSNET             SMF 36Fax                    1,2 E

SWE       Dynalink           1414VE                       1,2 E
SWE       GVC                FM-144vbis                   2   E
SWE       Hidem              2442 FAX                     2   E
SWE       Hidem              14400/Fax                    2   E
SWE       Lasat              Unique 14.4                  1,2 E
SWE       Lightspeed         1414 Series                  1,2 E
SWE       Motorola           UDS Fasttalk Fax 32bx-32bx   1   E
SWE       Semafor            1496A                        1   E
SWE       Semafor            2324C                        1   E
SWE       UCOM               Fastlink 14400               2   E
SWE       UCOM               Traveller 144                    Pocket
SWE       UFOMATE            P1496MX                      1,2 Pocket
SWE       U.S. Robotics      Courier V.32bis              1   E
SWE       U.S. Robotics      Sportster 14.4 Fax           1   E
SWE       U.S. Robotics      WorldPort 14.4               1   Pocket

UK        ANDEST             Roadrunner Rocket            1   Pocket
UK        DataFlex           Rapier Plus                  1,2 E
UK        Intel              SatisFAXtion                 CAS I
UK        PSION-DACOM        Port. Fax PTM50F             1,2 Pocket
UK        SmartLink          Pocket Fax Modem 2400        1   Pocket
UK        SmartLink          V32.bis/Fax                  2   E
UK        U.S. Robotics      WorldPort 14.4               1   Pocket

Incompatible U.S. Modems

Vendor                 Model                    Class   Ext/Int

Cardinal               MB2296SR                     2   I
Macronix               MAXFAX 9624                  2   I
Macronix               VOMAX 2000                   2   E
Megahertz        2400 BPS Pocket Fax/Modem P224 FMV 1   E
National               Tyin 2000                    2   E
Practical Peripherals  PM2400FXSA                   2   E
RACAL                  MXF 9632                     2   E
Zoom                   FX96/24                      2   E
Zoom                   FC96/24                      2   I
US Robotics            Worldport 2496               1   E

Incompatible International Modems

Vendor                 Model                    Class   Ext/Int
BIT                    Blitzer Mx-6                 1   E
BIT                    Blitzer XM124s RFAX          2   E
Cray                   Comm Quantum 144             1   E
Digicomm               SNM28 SR                     2   I
Dr. Neuhaus            Fury 241                     2   I
ELSA                   Microlink 14.4 PC            2   I
Kortex                 KX PRO 2400                  CAS I
La Commande Electonique  LCE Minifax                1   E
MicroFax               Class 2 Pocket Modem         2   E
Multitech              MT932ba                      2   E
Sysnet                 SMF - 04FAX                  1   I
US Robotics            Worldport 2496               1   E

The products included here are manufactured by vendors independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products' performance or reliability.

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