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The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Art Gallery for Windows, version 1.0


This article contains the complete text of the Microsoft Art Gallery README.TXT file located in the ARTGAL directory of the Microsoft Art Gallery CD.

=============================================================== Microsoft Art Gallery version 1.0 README file Microsoft Corporation October 20, 1993 ===============================================================

This file contains information about Art Gallery not included in the User’s Guide or in Help. To read this file on-screen, use the Page Down and Page Up keys. You can also print it by choosing the Print command from the File menu in any Windows word-processing program.

This README file contains important information on the following topics:

Section Description




================================================= 1. CD-ROM PROBLEMS =================================================

NOTE - Do not remove the Art Gallery compact disc from your CD-ROM drive while Art Gallery is in the process of playing sound or displaying a new picture.

In order to run properly, Art Gallery requires an MPC-compatible CD-ROM drive. An MPC-compatible drive “has an average seek time of less than one second and can transfer data from the compact disc at 150K per second while using less than 40% of the CPU bandwidth”. If you are having problems, check the documentation that came with your CD-ROM drive to make sure it meets these requirements. An incompatible CD-ROM drive will slow down the performance of Art Gallery.

If the Art Gallery program cannot find the data files that it needs from the Art Gallery compact disc, you’ll see a message that tells you the correct CD must be in the drive to continue. To find the source of the problem, do the following:

  • Make sure the Art Gallery compact disc is correctly inserted into the CD-ROM drive.
  • If you have an external CD-ROM drive, make sure the drive is connected to your computer, plugged in, and turned on. If you still see the error message after checking the points above, check the documentation that came with your CD-ROM drive or contact the company that supplied the drive.
================================================= 2. VIDEO DISPLAY PROBLEMS =================================================

Art Gallery is designed to run in 256-color mode. In 16-color mode the paintings will not display correctly. You may run in higher resolutions than 256-colors but there will be no improvement of the picture quality and the performance will probably slow down. Animations will not run in any mode except 256-color. If your computer is running in a mode other than 256-colors, you can run Windows Setup to change the screen driver to 256-color mode.

Microsoft Art Gallery is incompatible with some advanced features used by some video cards such as the Mach32 chip set running the ATI drivers.
If you are using an ATI video card with one of the Mach video drivers (Mach8 or Mach32) as your Windows display driver, the Device Bitmaps setting for the video card must be set to Off. This enables the pictures in Art Gallery to be displayed properly (you can verify the Windows Display driver selection by launching the Windows Setup icon found in the Main program group of the Windows Program Manager). To check/change this setting, do the following:
1. Launch the Mach FlexDesk Control Panel by double-clicking on the Mach FlexDesk Control Panel icon usually found in the Mach Utilities program group in Program Manager. The Mach Utilities group is created when you run the ATI Mach video driver setup program.
2. Click the Advanced… button.
3. Make sure Device Bitmaps is set to Off, or set it to Off if it is not.
4. Click OK to close the FlexDesk Advanced Settings.
5. Click OK to close the FlexDesk Control Panel.
You will need to restart Windows for the changes to take effect.
If your control panel does not appear to have this option, you will need an update. For information about ATI video cards or the ATI installation utility referred to above, contact ATI Technical Support at (905) 882-2626.
======================================================= 3. AUDIO PROBLEMS =======================================================
In order for sounds to play properly on your machine, you must have a sound card and the correct driver installed. If you have no sound card or the correct driver is not installed, you will get a warning message from Art Gallery set up. If you think that you have problems of this kind, consult your technical documents or call the dealer from whom you purchased your sound card.
If you don’t hear any sounds, first make sure that the volume for your speakers is set to an audible level.
If the volume is set to an audible level and you still hear no sounds at all, something may be wrong with your sound board setup. Check to see that the driver is installed correctly and, if necessary, reinstall it. Refer to the documentation that came with your sound card for more information on installing audio drivers or contact the dealer from whom you purchased your sound card.
Please note that Art Gallery requires an MPC-compatible sound board to be installed and is not intended to run with drivers which use the PC internal speaker, such as the unsupported “PC Speaker” driver. Such a driver will not, in most cases, play any sounds and if the driver setup option “Enable Interrupts” is not checked, your system may crash. If you have both a sound board and the PC Speaker driver installed, it is preferable to un-install the PC Speaker driver.


Problems have occurred with older Media Vision cards and drivers. Contact Media Vision Technical Support to find out how to obtain a new driver.

================================================= 4. RUNNING IN LOW MEMORY OR RUNNING SLOWLY =================================================

Art Gallery uses your computer’s system memory to display pictures. If you find that Art Gallery runs slowly or if you encounter out-of-memory errors, Art Gallery probably doesn’t have enough memory to run properly. Consider doing the following to improve your computer’s performance:

  • Close all unnecessary applications.
  • Determine how much memory your computer has available by typing “mem” and pressing ENTER at the DOS prompt. You need a minimum of 2MB (2,048K bytes) of total memory to use Art Gallery. If you do not have at least 2MB of memory, you may not be able to run Art Gallery until you add more memory.
  • If you are running Windows in Enhanced mode, set up a permanent Windows swap file on your hard disk. See your Windows documentation for more information.
  • Defragment (“clean up”) your hard disk by running a defragmentation program.

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