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Components Installed in Typical, Complete, and Minimum Setup


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0


This article summarizes the Word components that Setup installs for each option: Typical, Complete, and Minimum.

This information, including filenames, also appears in the Word Readme Help file. To open the Word Readme Help file, choose its icon in Windows Program Manager or do the following in Word:

  1. Double-click the Help icon on the Standard toolbar.
  2. In the Search dialog box, type readme and then choose the Show Topics button.
  3. Choose the Go To button.
  4. In the Word Readme Help Contents window, select the "Custom and Network Installations" topic.
  5. Select the "Files Installed by Setup on a Standalone Workstation" topic.


   Component Installed                 When Installed
   -------------------                 --------------

   Microsoft Word Program              All


   Graph                               Complete
  *Equation Editor                     Complete
 **WordArt                             Minimum, Typical
   Button Editor                       All


   Text Converters                     Minimum 

NOTE: In a Minimum installation, two converters are installed, Word for Windows 2.0 and Write. In a Typical installation, all converters are installed.

   Graphic Converters                  Typical
   ODBC                                Complete

   Proofing Tools

   Spelling                            Minimum, Typical
   Hyphenation                         Typical
   Thesaurus                           Typical
   Grammar                             Typical

   Online Help

   Examples and Demos                  Typical
   Word Help                           Typical
   WordBasic Help                      Prompt during Typical install
   WordPerfect Help                    Prompt during Typical install
   PSS Help                            Complete
   Word Readme                         Minimum, Typical

   Wizards, Templates, and Letters

   Templates and Wizards               Typical
   Letters                             Complete
   Macros                              Complete


   Macro Tool                          Complete
   MS Info                             Minimum, Typical
   Setup                               Typical


  *Setup installs the following TrueType fonts when you install
   Microsoft Equation Editor or the text converters:

   MT Extra
   MS LineDraw

 **Setup installs the following TrueType fonts when you install
   Microsoft WordArt:

   Arial Rounded MT Bold
   Bookman Old Style Bold
   Britannic Bold
   Brush Script MT Italic
   Century Gothic
   Colonna MT
   Footlight MT Light
   Kino MT
   Wide Latin
   Matura MT Script Capitals

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