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Effect of Wind and Use of Aiming in Golf

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The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Golf for Windows, version 1.0


Wind has no effect on the ball when the player level is set to Beginner. To compensate for wind, obstacles, or the contour of the ground, use the aiming feature.

NOTE: The position of the player’s feet never has any effect on the ball.


To aim your shot:

  1. Move the pointer into the Main View window.

  2. Hold down the left mouse button to display the red and white striped Aiming Marker.

  3. While holding the left mouse button down, move the Aiming Marker in the direction you want your shot to take.

    NOTE: The distance from the golfer to the Aiming Marker (as well as the difference in elevation, and the type of terrain) is displayed in the lower-left corner of the Main View window.

  4. When the Aiming Marker is in position, release the mouse button.

    NOTE: The Aiming Marker has no effect on the distance of your shot, only the direction.


To set the player level:

  1. In the New Game dialog box, click Edit Player.
  2. Click the corresponding option button to play at the Professional, Amateur, or Beginner level.

Differences between the play levels are as follows:

Professional level | Accurate swing timing is extremely important. Club distance is
    maximized.                                                                  | 
Amateur level | Wind effects the ball. Swing timing is not as demanding as
    professional. Club distance is decreased by about 10 percent.                   | 
Beginner level | Designed for nongolfers. Wind has no effect. Swing timing is
    extremely forgiving. Club distance is decreased by about 20
    percent. | 


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