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PC Win: Word for Windows Attachment Name Truncates When Sending


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks, versions 3.0b, 3.2
  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 2.0


With versions 3.0b and 3.2 of Microsoft Mail for Windows, when you mail a document as an attachment from Word for Windows, the last character of the attachment's name is changed to an underscore character (_).

For example, if you send the SAMPLE.DOC file using the File Send command, the attachment name in the mail message is changed to SAMPL_.DOC.


When the document is mailed, a temporary copy of the document is created. Word for Windows creates this temporary copy in the current working directory and this copy is then renamed to have the same name as the document being mailed. Because this directory contains both the temporary copy and the original copy, the temporary copy cannot have the same name as the document being mailed. Therefore, the name chosen is the same name as the original document, but with the last character replaced with an underscore character.


To resolve this difference, use the SendMail macro provided with Microsoft Mail for Windows. You can install this macro by running the SMIINST.DOT macro, which is located in the directory where the Microsoft Mail Windows client is installed on the server.


Before you run the SMIINST.DOT macro, close all copies of Microsoft Word for Windows that may be open. When you run the SMIINST.DOT macro, a copy of Microsoft Word is started and a dialog box appears, asking you where the SendMail macro should be installed.

Normally, the macro is installed in the NORMAL template and is added to the File menu.

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