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PRB: Problems with the Microsoft Setup Toolkit


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Win32 Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows NT, versions 3.1, 3.5


  1. When the /zi option is used with the Win32 DSKLAYT2.EXE to provide compression, it causes an access violation.
  2. The Win32 Setup Toolkit does not contain a setup bootstrapper to copy the needed setup files to a temp drive and run the Setup program. Setup runs from floppy disks.
  3. Install programs for applications that may run on Win32s must be created with the 16-bit version of the Setup Toolkit if the installation program will install Win32s. However, the 16-bit DSKLAY2.EXE cannot read the version information in a Win32 binary.
  4. The Win32 DSKLAYT.EXE only shows 8.3 names in the list box.
  5. The Setup program reports "out of memory" during installation, but there seems to be plenty of memory.
  6. Installation fails from a CD-ROM. If the same files are copied from the CD to the hard disk, installation succeeds.
  7. Setup programs created with the 32-bit setup toolkit will not run under Win32s.


  1. The fix for this problem is available in the Alpha SDK Update and later.

Note that COMPRESS.EXE has been updated to use a better compression algorithm, and therefore /zi is no longer recommended for best compression. The option has been kept for compatibility reasons.

  1. The bootstrapper is not necessary in a 32-bit environment. It is required for Windows because it is not possible to remove the floppy disk of a currently running Win16 application (the resources could not all be preloaded and locked).
  2. If a Win32s installation is provided on a separate disk, the install program can be developed with the Win32 Setup Toolkit.
  3. The program is actually a 16-bit program, and therefore it can display only the 8.3 name. Use 8.3 names for the source names and specify that the files be renamed (using the long names) when they are installed.
  4. This error can be caused when a DLL on disk 1 is needed when when a different disk is currently inserted. To work around this problem, use LoadLibrary() to load the DLL.
  5. This problem was corrected in the Win32 3.5 SDK.
  6. This problem was corrected in the Win32 3.5 SDK.

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