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Common Block Declared in More than One Module

PSS ID Number: Q10630 Article last modified on 10- 7-1988

3.20 XENIX

Problem: The FORTRAN compiler is having problems with COMMON blocks. When a COMMON block is listed in two or more files that are linked together, a link error is given. The two files below were compiled separately. When linked together, the following error message results: SYMBOL DEFINED MORE THAN ONCE: “NAG” in file tl.o (A_)" The two examples are as follows: EXAMPLE CODE: (1) t0.f common /nag/var var = 0. call a() write(,) var stop end EXAMPLE CODE: (2) t1.f subroutine a() common /nag/var var = 1. return end

Response: Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Version 3.20. This problem in the XENIX linker has been corrected. The new linker will be supplied with the compiler for XENIX Version 3.30, Pascal, and FORTRAN.