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FIX: COMMAND Statement Ignored in Configuration File

ID: Q106278

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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro Distribution Kit for Windows, version 2.5


The "COMMAND = <command>" statement of a configuration file is ignored if the configuration file is built into an executable (.EXE) file.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the FoxPro Distribution Kit 2.5 for Windows. This problem was corrected in the FoxPro Distribution Kit 2.5a for Windows.


The FoxPro Distribution Kit for Windows is required in order to build an .EXE file from a project.

FoxPro 2.5a for Windows should be used with the FoxPro Distribution Kit 2.5a for Windows.

Steps to Reproduce Problem

NOTE: The following steps assume that you do not already have any files with the names CONFIG.FPW, MAIN.PRG, TEST.PJX, or TEST.EXE.

1. Create a text file named CONFIG.FPW containing the following code:


2. Create a program file named MAIN.PRG containing the following code:

      WAIT WINDOW 'In main program.'

3. Create a project named TEST.PJX. Add the MAIN.PRG and CONFIG.FPW

   files to the project.

4. Build an .EXE file named TEST.EXE from the project. 5. Quit FoxPro for Windows.

6. Run TEST.EXE.

Only MAIN.PRG is called, displaying the message, "In main program."

NOTE: When these steps are followed using the FoxPro Distribution Kit 2.5a for Windows, the WAIT WINDOW command in CONFIG.FPW is executed, but MAIN.PRG is not called. This is consistent with the behavior of FoxPro 2.0 and 2.5 for MS-DOS.

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