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Breaking Out of GREP May Return You to Command Prompt

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Article Last Modified on 9/30/2003


  • MSPRESS Microsoft Windows NT Resource Kit 3.1
  • MSPRESS Microsoft Windows NT Resource Kit 3.5

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If you run GREP--"Global Regular Expression Print," a POSIX-based tool included in the Windows NT Resource Kit--using the command line parameter "/" (or the more commonly attempted "/?" for help on the GREP command), the cursor is placed on the next screen line without a prompt (GREP is waiting for input from you). If you then attempt breaking out of the GREP command by using CTRL+C, you are returned to the command prompt, but when you attempt to close the command prompt window (such as when you type 'exit' and then press ENTER at the command prompt), the command prompt window does not close and you are unable to close the window using any other means (such as by choosing End Task from the Task List, choosing Terminate from the Settings menu in the Control Box, or choosing Logoff or Shutdown).

Windows NT is unable to log off or shut down because this window is open, resulting in the need to manually reset the computer if you want to log off or shut down.


For help on the GREP command, use the command line parameter -H instead of /?. Also, when you attempt to break out of GREP, use CTRL+Z, instead of CTRL + C. This allows GREP to close normally and will not result in the application locking up.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in GREP.EXE from the Windows NT Resource Kit. We are researching this problem and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.

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