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Word Includes Deleted Records When Opening dBASE File

PSS ID Number: Q106144 Article last modified on 11-01-1994

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The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Word for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a, 2.0a-CD, 2.0b, 2.0c - Microsoft Windows operating system versions 3.0 and 3.1


When you open a dBASE file in Word for Windows, the dBASE converter includes records that were previously flagged for deletion in dBASE.

This does not happen in Microsoft Excel, which does not display records you marked for deletion in dBASE.


If you delete a record in a dBASE file, dBASE flags the file for deletion but does not physically remove the record from the file. In Word, the dBASE converter ignores the flag and includes the deleted record.


  • In dBASE, before you open the file in Word, use the Pack command to physically remove the records flagged for deletion.


  • In dBASE, convert the file to Microsoft Excel file format and then open it in Word.

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