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Microsoft KB Archive/106063

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PUB2: Problems When Importing Documents with Tables

PUB2: Problems When Importing Documents with Tables


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher version 2.0


When you import documents that contain tables into Publisher, the
following problems may occur:

 A. If you create a Word for Windows document that contains a table,
    and you then bring it into Publisher by choosing Open from the File
    menu and converting the file from the Word for Windows 2.x format, the
    file is converted to a Publisher document and the following error
    message appears:

      One or more tables on another page has resized due to printer or
      style changes or conversion.

      When you changed the printer, modified a text style, or imported
      a document, one or more tables in this publication grew larger.
      Please check all tables to make sure that your publication is
      formatted correctly before you print.

 B. If you import a Word document that contains more than one table,
    Publisher may place them on separate pages even if they were on a
    single page in Word and there is room for both of them on a single
    page in Publisher. For instance, if you import a one-page document
    with alternating tables and paragraphs of text, the text will all
    appear on the first page, and the tables will each appear on a
    separate subsequent page.

 C. If you import a long document with several tables, Publisher may
    put the tables on different pages than they were on originally. For
    instance, tables that appeared toward the end of the document in
    Word for Windows may be placed on pages near the beginning of the
    Publisher document.

 D. If you create a Word for Windows document that contains text and
    tables, and if you import it into a Publisher text frame by choosing
    Import Text from the File menu, the text appears but the table
    does not.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Publisher version 2.0.
We are researching this problem and will post new information here in
the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.


Some of these problems occur because Word is stream based, while
Publisher is frame based.

In other words, a table can span over the page break in a Word
document. Text automatically flows from one page to the next.
In Word, if the stream of characters exceeds the boundaries of
the page, the table simply extends onto the next page.

Publisher, on the other hand, is frame based. Every object in
Publisher, including text and tables, are created within frames,
and each frame is of a specific, set size. Also, every page in
Publisher is separate. Tables do not automatically flow from one
page to the next.

When Publisher is importing Word documents that contain tables,
Publisher does not always create enough area in each table frame
to accommodate all the incoming information. When the incoming
information exceeds the boundaries of the frame, you may receive
the "one or more tables have resized" error message.

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