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Definition of Rich Text Edit (RTE) Dialog Boxes


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0


Word 6.0 makes extensive use of a new technology called Rich Text Edit (RTE) dialog boxes. RTE dialog boxes allow you to select multiple formatting options and to see the results of the formatting in the dialog box. RTE dialog boxes that permit the use of formatting shortcut keys and allow typing are called "editable." RTE dialog boxes that merely show a sample that updates as you select different formatting options are "not editable."

An example of an editable RTE dialog box is the Labels tab in the Envelopes And Labels dialog box. The Labels dialog box allows you to type text for a label and to select portions of the text and use CTRL+B to apply bold formatting. The address field shows the typing with the new formatting.

Formats that can be applied with shortcut keys in editable RTE dialog boxes include the following.

   Format                        Shortcut Key
   ------                        ------------
   Bold                          CTRL+B
   Italics                       CTRL+I
   Underline                     CTRL+U
   Format Font                   CTRL+D
   Underline single words        CTRL+SHIFT+W
   Double underline words        CTRL+SHIFT+D
   Create small capital letters  CTRL+SHIFT+K
   Remove formatting             CTRL+SHIFT+Z 

You can also use a secondary mouse click (Control click in Word for Macintosh) inside the text area to bring up the shortcut menu which allows you to Cut, Copy, Paste, access Font and Paragraph formats.

Non-RTE dialog boxes are those that don't allow or show formatting changes in the dialog box, such as the Go To dialog box (located by choosing Go To from the Edit menu).

Editable RTE Dialog Boxes

Menu    Command                Tab or Other           Field

   Insert  Caption                                       Caption

   Tools   Envelopes and Labels   Labels                 Address

   Insert  Footnote               Footnote and Endnote   Custom Mark

   In a Mail Merge main document:
   Insert  Word Field             If...Then...Else       Insert this Text

   In a Mail Merge main document:
   Insert  Word Field             If...Then...Else       Otherwise this
   In a Mail Merge main document:
   Insert  Word Field             Set Bookmark           Value

   Insert  Index and Tables       Table of Authorities
                                  Mark Citation          Selected Text

   Insert  Index and Tables       Index
                                  Mark Index Entry       Main Entry

Non-Editable RTE Dialog Boxes

RTE dialog boxes also allow you to insert field codes (CTRL+F9) and view
field codes (SHIFT+F9).

   Menu    Command                Tab or Other           Field

   Tools   AutoCorrect                                   With:
   (when Formatted Text option is selected)

   Format  Style                  New... or Modify...    Preview

   Format  Style                  New
                                  Paragraph              Preview

   Table   Table                  AutoFormat             Preview

   View    Zoom                                          Preview

   Insert  Index and Tables       (any tab)              Preview

   In setting up Mail Merge labels:
           Label Options          Details                Preview

   Insert  Index and Tables       Table of Authorities
                                  Mark Citation          Long Citation 

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Last Reviewed: November 4, 2000
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