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Microsoft KB Archive/105850

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FoxBASE+/Mac Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

PSS ID Number: 105850

Article Last Modified on 6/29/2004

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxBASE+ for Macintosh 2.01

This article was previously published under Q105850


Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers about FoxBASE+/Mac.


  1. Q. Why am I getting a "File not found" or "File does not exist" error when I select a file in the File dialog box?

    A. The FoxUSER resource file is not in the System Folder. If you are using System 6.x, you may have an INIT conflict. Either put the FoxUSER file in the System Folder and restart FoxBASE+/Mac, or remove all INITs, restart your machine, and try again.
  2. Q. How do I create single-spaced reports?

    A. Use the arrow keys to move the fields one pixel at a time so that the fields can be fine adjusted.
  3. Q. Can I have scroll bars on an input screen so it resembles my paper form?

    A. When you are working with screen forms that are larger than the screen area, you must use multiple screen pages. Create a format file for each screen, and paste the codes into one file with a READ command between them.
  4. Q. Why am I getting "No memory for screen" or "Insufficient memory" errors?

    A. By default, FoxBASE+/Mac is allocated 1200K of memory. To allocate more memory to FoxBASE+/Mac, quit FoxBASE+/Mac, click the FoxBASE+ icon, choose Get Info from the File menu, and change the Current Size option in the bottom-right corner of the Get Info dialog box to a larger value. There are two other options for running a FoxBASE+/Mac application with less memory. These are:

    • Reduce the number of colors being used in the Monitors Control Panel.
    • Deallocate memory for screens and variables when they are no longer needed by using the RELEASE command and the DELETE option of the SCREEN command.
  5. Q. Why am I getting the error "Command line too long" when I use the APPEND FROM command to select a field?

    A. Command lines are limited to 254 characters. When you are selecting fields with the APPEND FROM or COPY TO command, this limit will be exceeded if you enter too many fields. By default, if you don't select any fields, all the fields are selected.
  6. Q. When I am modifying or creating databases, field type pop-up windows don't work or can't be changed. Why?

    A. This problem can occur if you are running the Adobe Type Reunion application. Neither the INIT nor the Extension version of this application is compatible with FoxBASE+/Mac. You must disable Adobe Type Reunion when you are using FoxBASE+/Mac.
  7. Q. Why am I getting the error "#Strings in RES file" when installing FoxBASE+/Mac on an Apple Macintosh Quadra computer?

    A. You need an updated version of FoxBASE+/Mac. To obtain the updated software, call Microsoft Sales Information Center at (800) 426-9400 or Microsoft Technical Support at (425) 635-7192 and ask for either the single-user or multiuser version of FoxBASE+/Mac System 7-compatible software. Or, to work around this problem, turn off 32-bit addressing.
  8. Q. Why am I getting the error "Disk full error - 34"?

    A. You are attempting to install FoxBASE+/Mac on a floppy disk. FoxBASE+/Mac must be installed on a hard disk. To do this, create a folder on your hard disk and copy all the files from the FoxBASE+/Mac disks to that folder, and then double-click the Installer program.
  9. Q. How can I install FoxBASE+/Mac on my network for maximum performance?

    A. Buy the multiuser run-time version of FoxBASE+/Mac and install it on each local machine.
  10. Q. How can I check the spelling of my memo fields?

    A. Use XCMDs to convert the memo fields to text files, and then load the resulting text files into a text editor and use its spelling program.
  11. Q. When I double-click a program file, why is the "Application 'FoxBASE' cannot be found" error displayed?

    A. This is a limitation of the Apple Finder. To correct this problem, try rebuilding your desktop.
  12. Q. Can I use my FoxPro for MS-DOS databases on a Macintosh?

    A. Yes, as long as you use a utility like Apple File Exchange to convert the file from MS-DOS file format to Macintosh file format. If there is a memo field in the database, use the COPY TO FILENAME TYPE FOXPLUS command in FoxPro for MS-DOS before converting the file.
  13. Q. Can FoxBASE+/Mac and FoxBASE+ or FoxPro for MS-DOS and FoxPro for Windows use the same files simultaneously?

    A. Yes, as long as the memo fields are in the FoxBASE+ format, no Macintosh picture fields or Windows general fields are included in the database, and .IDX files are used instead of .CDX files.
  14. Q. How can I create labels that suppress blank fields?

    A. Create one field and place all the fields separated by semicolons in this field.

    For more information on this topic, query on the following words here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    labels and suppress and blank and field

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