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Works: WordPerfect File Format Conversion Limitations

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====================================================================== 3.00 MS-DOS kbprint

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Works for MS-DOS, version 3.0


This article contains information on the functionality and limitations of the WordPerfect conversion provided with version 3.0 of Microsoft Works for MS-DOS.

When you convert files to or from WordPerfect, the following elements are either omitted or changed:

Character Formatting

  • Font names are printer-dependent and may not convert.
  • Super/subscripting by nondefault value does not convert.
  • Font color information does not convert.

Paragraph Formatting

  • Space before/after a paragraph is approximated with empty paragraphs.
  • Keep Together/With Next formatting does not convert.
  • Paragraph borders do not convert.
  • First-line indent is approximated with spaces.
  • Page break before/after a paragraph does not convert.
  • Leader underline tabs and hyphen tabs do not convert.

Page Numbering

  • Page number positioning does not convert.


  • Manually referenced footnotes convert with a system footnote number.
  • Footnotes that start at a specific number convert to system footnotes.
  • Footnotes printed under referenced text convert to system footnotes.


  • Print merge fields do not convert.


  • Bookmarks from WordPerfect version 4.2 do not convert; bookmarks from WordPerfect version 5.x convert to Works bookmarks.
  • Graphics do not convert.
  • Equations do not convert.
  • Graphics do not convert.
  • Endnotes convert as footnotes.
  • Starting footnote other than 1 converts as 1.
  • Manual footnote reference marks are added to autonumbered reference marks.
  • Index and table of contents entries do not convert.
  • Paragraph Keep Together/With Next information does not convert.
  • Nondefault footnote separation lines do not convert.
  • Character #127 (house character) becomes a space.
  • Outline text converts without formatting.
  • Nonbreaking hyphens become regular hyphens.
  • Decimal tabs convert to right-aligned tabs.
  • Font color information does not convert.
  • Comments do not convert.


For best results with Works file conversions, do the following:

  1. Make sure that the FILES= statement in your CONFIG.SYS file is set to at least 20.
  2. Make sure that there is a valid SET TMP= statement in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. It should point to an existing directory on a hard drive partition that contains some available disk space.
  3. If you have made changes to the CONFIG.SYS and/or AUTOEXEC.BAT file(s), save them in a text-only format and reboot your system.
  4. Repaginate the file before converting it.

For more information on editing your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

boot and autoexec.bat and config.sys and edit

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