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INFO: Microsoft Systems Journal December 1993

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NOTE: "Microsoft Systems Journal" does not make any representation or warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to any code or other information herein. "Microsoft Systems Journal" disclaims any liability whatsoever for any use of such code or other information.

This article lists the filenames and S-numbers for files available from online services that contain the source code described in articles published in the December 1993 issue of the "Microsoft Systems Journal."


Item ID   Filename       Description
-------   --------       -----------

S14348    812WINQA.EXE   The 812WINQA.EXE file contains the source code for
                         the "Windows Q & A" column by Matt Pietrek.

S14350    OLE20_3.EXE    The OLE20_3.EXE file contains the source code for
                         the article named "Implementing OLE 2.0, Part III:
                         Uniform Data Transfer with Data Objects," by Kraig

                         A data object is any Windows Object that supports
                         the standard data transfer interface, IDataObject.
                         Kraig Brockschmidt shows you how to implement a
                         data object in both a DLL and an EXE, and how to
                         call IDataObject member functions.

S14351    SPRITE.EXE     The SPRITE.EXE file contains the source code for
                         the article name "Fundamental Techniques for
                         Sprite Animation in Windows-based Applications,"
                         by Guy R. Eddon.

                         Sprites are bitmaps that can be moved without
                         flicker, or damage to the background image.
                         Because GDI doesn't support sprites, Guy Eddon
                         has written a library of sprite animation
                         functions that let you animate complex bitmaps of
                         any shape or size. 

There is no charge for obtaining and using the SDK except for the cost of connect time for downloading (approximately 3.4 megabytes). The components necessary to run Windows Telephony applications may be redistributed by developers at no cost (no license fees to Microsoft).

Questions or feedback about Windows Telephony can be sent via the Internet to "", or via fax to "Windows Telephony Coordinator"at +1 (425) 936-7329.

Release Date: December 1993

For more information about how to download files from the Microsoft Software Library, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q119591 How to Obtain Microsoft Support Files from Online Services

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