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Microsoft KB Archive/105748

From BetaArchive Wiki

PSS ID Number: 105748

Article Last Modified on 11/3/2003

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.1

This article was previously published under Q105748


Windows NT may occasionally stop responding (hang) when the ALT+F4+F6 keys are pressed simultaneously for a 16-bit Windows-based application. If these keys are pressed while the application is being loaded, a system failure may occur. A failure can also occur when you choose Save As from the File menu and press ALT+F4+F6 when new data has not been saved. Windows-based applications such as Microsoft Word for Windows, version 2.0a, and Microsoft Excel can also produce these failures. This problem is most common on keyboards that have the function keys located on the left side of the keyboard, in which case, the F4 and F6 keys may easily be pressed simultaneously by accident.


WOWEXEC produces a kernel-level failure through the Windows NT 32-bit subsystem.


An updated WINSRV.DLL file corrects this problem (on Intel x86 Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 installations). This file is available through Microsoft Electronic Services including CompuServe (WINNT forum Library2: Patches and Updates) and the Internet (GoWinNT.Microsoft.Com: Bussys\winnt\unsup-ed\fixes\WinSrv\*.*). The file available on these services, WINSRV.EXE, is a self-extracting archive.

To replace the WINSRV.DLL file, do the following:

WARNING: If this file becomes corrupt when installed on NTFS, the system may fail to start. If possible, test this file on a FAT partition of a test system.

  1. Rename WinNT\System32\WINSRV.DLL *.old.
  2. Copy WINSRV.DLL WinNT\System32.
  3. Shut down the system and then restart it.

This replacement file is provided as is, and is not supported by Microsoft Product Support Services. A tested and supported copy of this file will be included in an updated Microsoft Windows NT Service Pack.


Steps to Reproduce Problem

  1. Open a document in Word or Excel and leave it blank.
  2. Open a second document and type some text in it.
  3. Press ALT+F4+F6 simultaneously.

The system will hang.

Additional query words: prodnt Wow Winsrv

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