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Microsoft KB Archive/105747

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Article ID: 105747

Article Last Modified on 9/30/2003


  • Microsoft LAN Manager 2.2 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q105747


You receive this error while trying to access voice files from a shared LAN Manager server directory using VPLAY.EXE:

810 Unexpected Network error - Abort,Retry,Fail

The keyboard freezes and you must hard boot to resume.


Concurrent operations being performed by the Sound Blaster Pro card and network adapter card create a timing conflict.

Protocol analyzer traces show this sequence:

  • The client sends a Server Message Block (SMB) C read byte range.
  • The server responds with an SMB read byte range response.
  • The server sends NETBIOS data frames until failure occurs.
  • The client fails to respond to the server; the redirector receives no acknowledgment due to a transport/media access failure.
  • The system returns then fails and generates a NET 810 error.


COMNDIS.COM is a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) program (included on your LAN Manager 2.2 installation disks) that prevents multiple processes from accessing the adapter card while it is handling an MS-DOS command.

Run setup and install COMNDIS.COM into the \LANMAN.DOS\NETPROG directory. To Autoexec.bat, add the line

Comndis X

where X is the interrupt setting used by the installed network adapter. Add this after netbind, if present, and before netstarting the workstation.


The problem was documented on this configuration:

IBM PS/2 8590 486/33 computer
TokenRing adapters including IBM TR 16/4, Proteon and Madge
NetBEUI or TCP/IP protocol
LAN Manager 2.2 Enhanced
MS-DOS 5.02
Creative Labs SoundBlaster Pro Adapter and software

Additional query words: 2.20

Keywords: kbprb KB105747