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A Complete List of Help Topics That Include Demos


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, versions 6.0, 6.0a, 6.0c


Microsoft Word version 6.0 for Windows offers a variety of demonstrations of common Word for Windows tasks. Below is a list of all the Help topics that include demonstrations and how to access them.


To access the Help topics that contain demos, first select the Examples And Demos item under the Help menu. This action will produce a list of 14 Examples And Demos categories. Click the desired category, such as Graphics And Frames, to produce a further breakdown of topics. Click the desired topic at this level to produce an Examples And Demos screen for this topic. Below is a list of the Examples And Demo screens that contain animated demonstrations of the selected tasks.

Topic Category        Topic with Animated Demo
--------------        ---------------------------------------
Getting Started       Applying or removing character formats
                      Moving or copying text and graphics using drag
                        and drop editing
                      Indenting paragraphs
                      Centering or aligning text
                      Adding or removing bullets and numbers in a list
                      Checking spelling
                      Checking grammar
                      Looking up words in the Thesaurus
                      Setting margins
                      Creating a table

Typing and Editing    Finding text and formatting
                      Replacing text and formatting
                      Finding and replacing graphics, fields,
                        annotations, and other special characters
                      Creating and inserting an AutoText entry

Proofing and          Checking spelling
  Reviewing           Checking grammar
                      Looking up words in the Thesaurus
                      Proofing text written in another language
                      Working with revision marks
                      Inserting an annotation

Formatting Text       Applying or removing character formats
  Characters          Copying character formatting

Formatting            Indenting paragraphs
  Paragraphs          Centering or aligning text
                      Setting or clearing tab stops
                      Applying or removing borders
                      Applying shading
                      Converting bullets to numbers or vice versa
                      Modifying bullet formats
                      Sorting a list

Automatic Formatting  Automatically formatting a document
  and Styles          Applying a style
                      Creating or changing the formats of a style
                      Specifying a style for the following paragraph
                      Changing the base style specified for a style

Working with Tables   Creating a table
                      Automatically formatting a table
                      Adding rows and columns to a table
                      Deleting rows and columns
                      Moving or copying rows or columns
                      Applying or removing borders
                      Applying shading

Page Design and       Setting margins
  Layout              Creating a header or footer
                      Creating columns of equal width
                      Changing column width and the space between columns
                      Starting a new column
                      Filling in an online form

Graphics and Frames   Importing an entire graphics file
                      Resizing or cropping an imported graphic
                      Creating a drawing object
                      Specifying the line and fill for a drawing object
                      Inserting a frame around selected items
                      Positioning a frame by dragging

Working with Long     Outlining a new or existing document
  Documents           Expanding or collapsing an outline
                      Promoting or demoting headings and body text
                      Moving headings and body text
                      Inserting footnotes and endnotes
                      Moving, copying, or deleting a footnote or endnote
                      Creating cross-references, captions, and bookmarks
                      Creating an index

Locating and          Creating and printing an envelope
  Printing Documents  Printing special text and graphics on an

Using Word in a       Working with revision marks
  Workgroup           Inserting an annotation

Mail Merge            Setting up and printing envelopes by using mail
                      Setting up and printing mailing labels by using
                        mail merge

Automating Your       Customizing the Word screen
  Work                Recording a Macro
                      Running a Macro 

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Last Reviewed: November 4, 2000
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