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You may receive the following error message when you start the MS-DOS Prompt or an MS-DOS-based application:

Not Enough Environment Space


The above error message may occur if you are running Novell NetWare and have not installed Windows with Novell connectivity, or if the MS-DOS-based application you are trying to run requires more than 256 bytes of environment space.


  • If Windows 3.0 or later is running on a Novell NetWare network, make sure that the appropriate network selection is made in Windows Setup.
  • If the MS-DOS-based application requires more than 256 bytes of environment space and you are running Windows 3.1 or later, add the following line to the SYSTEM.INI file under the [NonWindowsApp] section:


    1024 bytes should work properly; however, the setting can be set as high as 32,768 bytes. The value must be either zero or between 160 and 32768.

    This is a global setting that affects all virtual machines (VMs).

  • With Windows 2.x and later, you can create a program information file (PIF) to increase the environment space for the single application. Use the following settings in the PIF:

    For Windows 3.0:

       Field                          Setting
       =====                          =======
       Program FileName               Command.COM
       Window Title                   My Program
       Optional Parameters            /e:2048 /c C:\mydir\myprog.exe
       Startup Directory              C:\mydir

    For Windows 2.x:

       Field                          Setting
       =====                          =======
       Program Name                   Command.COM
       Program Title                  My Program
       Program Parameters             /e:2048 /c C:\mydir\myprog.exe
       Initial Directory              C:\mydir

    "/e:2048" is the size of the environment space in bytes; this value also ranges from 160 to 32768.

    "Mydir" is the name of the directory that contains the executable of the program.

    "Myprog.exe" is the name of the program.

    "/C" specifies that the command processor is to execute MYPROG.EXE and then terminate itself.

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