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ACC1x: Invalid Reference: Previewing Graph Based on Parameter


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Access versions 1.0, 1.1


The message

   Invalid reference to field 'Field Name' in query 

occurs when you are printing or previewing a graph from Form view, or when you are printing a graph on a report from print preview.


The data source for the graph is a parameter query. The parameter query is run one time to collect the values required to display the graph in Form view or print preview. Once the parameters are collected through the Enter Parameter Value box, they no longer exist. When you try to print the graph, the graph must be regenerated from the underlying data. Since the parameters are no longer available and are not prompted for again, the error message stated above is generated.


Rather than enter the parameters using the Enter Parameter Value box, the parameters for the query should come from a source that is available while the form is active. Modify the query so that the parameters are referenced directly from a second form.

The following example demonstrates how to use a second form to collect the values:

  1. Open the sample database NWIND.MDB. Create a blank, unbound form called Parameter Form with the following controls and properties:

          Form: Parameter Form
          Text box
             ControlName: Beginning Date
          Text box
             ControlName: Ending Date
          Command button
             Caption: Open Graph Form
             OnPush: Graph Form.Open 
  2. Create a new macro called Graph Form with the following actions:

          MacroName      Action         Defined Below
          Open           SetValue             1
                         OpenForm             2
          Close          Close                3
          Graph Form Actions
          1. SetValue
                Item: Forms![Parameter Form].Visible
                Expression: False
          2. OpenForm
                Form Name: Graph Form
                View: Form
                Filter Name: <leave empty>
                Where Condition: <leave empty>
                Data Mode: Edit
                Window Mode: Normal
          3. Close
                Object Type: Form
                Object Name: Parameter Form 
  3. Open the Employee Sales By Country (Parameter) query in Design view.
  4. Change the criteria row for the Shipping Date column from

    Between [Beginning Date] And [Ending Date]


    NOTE: In the following example, an underscore (_) is used as a line- continuation character. Remove the underscore when re-creating this example.

    Between Forms![Parameter Form]![Beginning Date] And _ Forms![Parameter Form]![Ending Date]
  5. From the Query menu, choose Parameters. Change the parameters to be:

          Parameter                                    Data type
          Forms![Parameter Form]![Beginning Date]      Date/Time
          Forms![Parameter Form]![Ending Date]         Date/Time 

    NOTE: Your query may not have parameters explicitly defined in the Parameters dialog box; however, it is good practice to do so.

  6. Open the Graph Form and alter the OnClose property to be:

    OnClose: Graph Form.Close
  7. Open the Parameter Form form and type 1/1/92 in the first box, and type 12/31/92 in the second box. Choose the Open Graph Form button.

    Note that when you choose the Open Graph Form button, a macro hides the parameter form and then opens the graph form. Although the parameter form is hidden, it is still open, and the values on it are still available for the query that the graph is based on.
  8. From the File menu, choose Print Preview.

Because the parameter form remains open, and the values on it are still available, the graph can be regenerated for printing. In contrast, the Enter Parameter Value box values are available only at the time the parameter is entered.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Access versions 1.0 and 1.1. This problem no longer occurs in Microsoft Access version 2.0.


Steps to Reproduce Problem

  1. Open the sample database NWIND.MDB. Create a blank, unbound form and save it with the name Graph Form.
  2. Click the graphing tool in the toolbox, and then click in the blank form to start the GraphWizard.
  3. In the "Also, Select a Data Source for Your Graph" box, select Employee Sales By Country (Parameter).
  4. Choose Next to advance to the next screen.
  5. In the Available Fields box, select Sale Amount. Choose the ">" button to add it to the Fields For Graph box.
  6. In the Available Fields box, select Salesperson, and then choose ">".
  7. Choose Next to advance to the next screen.
  8. Choose the Design button.
  9. From the View menu, choose Form.
  10. Type 1/1/92 in the Beginning Date parameter value box, and then choose OK.
  11. Type 12/31/92 in the Ending Date parameter value box, and then choose OK. A bar graph will be displayed.
  12. From the File menu, choose Print Preview.

The error message: "Invalid reference to field 'Beginning Date' in query" will be displayed.

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