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Print Preview Incorrectly Displays Large Fonts in Outline View PSS ID Number: Q105441 Article last modified on 11-30-1993

2.00 2.00a 2.00a-CD 2.00b 2.00c


The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Word for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a, 2.0a-CD, 2.0b, 2.0c - Microsoft Windows operating system version 3.1


When you use large point sizes in outline view, print preview may incorrectly display large text as small text. The text prints correctly.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Word 2.x for Windows. This problem was corrected in Word 6.0 for Windows.


In some instances the following steps will cause the actual size of the printed fonts to be inaccurately displayed in print preview. The text will print correctly. After you print the text, print preview is updated to reflect the correct sizes, and the problem should not surface again in that session of Word.

Steps to Reproduce Problem

  1. Close Word for Windows and restart it.
  2. In a new document type three paragraphs of text.
  3. Format the paragraphs as Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3, respectively.
  4. Highlight all three paragraphs and change the font size to 40 points.
  5. From the View menu, choose Outline.
  6. From the Outline toolbar, choose 2 to view only the top two heading levels.
  7. From the File menu, choose Print Preview.

Additional reference words: 2.00 2.00a 2.00a-CD 2.00b 2.00c small display


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