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Microsoft KB Archive/105301

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INF: Monitoring a Log File for an Event PSS ID Number: Q105301 Article last modified on 07-27-1994



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Win32 Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows NT version 3.1


The following undocumented function is being exposed in order to provide a temporary workaround for customers requiring this functionality. Microsoft will provide an officially supported Win32 API which provides this functionality in the next release.

As there are no guarantees that ElfChangeNotify() will be supported in all future releases, we recommend that you rewrite your code to use the supported Win32 API at the time that it becomes available.


To receive notification when something is written to the log file, use the following undocumented application programming interface (API):

UINT ElfChangeNotify( LogHandle, Event ) HANDLE LogHandle, HANDLE Event

This function will cause the Event to be signaled when an event has been written to the log file identified by the LogHandle.

LogHandle Handle to a log file obtained from a call to OpenEventLog().

Event A handle to a Win32 event.

Note that you must link with ADVAPI32.LIB.

Most of the ELF (Event Logging Facility) functions already have Win32 wrappers. ElfChangeNotify() does not have such a wrapper at this time, but will have a wrapper in Windows NT 3.5, NotifyChangeEventLog(). It is recommended that code that uses ElfChangeNotify() be rewritten to use the new Win32 API, because ElfChangeNotify() may not be supported as is in the future.

Additional reference words: 3.10 logfile KBCategory: Prg KBSubcategory: BseMisc


Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1994.