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Microsoft KB Archive/105295

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Error Message: "Could Not Open the File Named ...\Setup.exe"


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows, version 4.0
  • Microsoft Excel for Windows, version 5.0
  • Microsoft Word for Windows, versions 6.0, 6.0a
  • Microsoft Project for Windows, version 4.0
  • Microsoft Works for Windows, version 3.0
  • Microsoft Office for Windows, versions 4.0, 4.2, 4.3-CD
  • Microsoft Office for Windows, version 7.0


When you run the Setup program for one of the applications listed above to install a component of the application that you have not installed previously, or that you have removed, the following error message appears:

Could Not Open the File Named ...\SETUP.EXE


The SETUP.EXE file is not in the path specified in the error message.

This error message occurs when you have previously installed the application from a network server using a specific drive letter. The Setup program writes the location of the drive from which the application was installed in the SETUP.STF file. For example, if you run the Setup program from a server installed on drive Z, the Setup program looks to drive Z for the SETUP.EXE file.

If you disconnect the server share from the letter Z and reconnect using the letter W, for example, the Setup program cannot find the SETUP.EXE file and returns the following error message:

Could Not Open the File Named Z:\server\Setup.exe

This also occurs if you install the application from a CD-ROM drive and then remove the CD before you run the Maintenance mode setup.


If the server drive has been changed (as in the example above), you can reconnect the server share to the original drive and the Setup program will run correctly.

If this is not possible, delete the SETUP.STF file and rerun the Setup program from the new network drive. The SETUP.STF file is located in the SETUP subdirectory of the directory in which you installed the application. When you delete the SETUP.STF file, the Setup program does not run in maintenance mode, and you must install the application as if it is the first time you've run the Setup program.

If your network supports the universal naming convention (UNC), run the Setup program using UNC names to avoid this problem. When you use UNC names, the Setup program adds UNC paths in the SETUP.STF file, eliminating the problem caused by using the specific drive letter, if the drive letter is not available at later time.

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Last Reviewed: April 13, 2000
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