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SMTP: Err Msg: Insufficient Memory

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Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail Gateway to SMTP 3.0

This article was previously published under Q105290


Microsoft Mail Gateway to SMTP displays the error message:

Insufficient memory


This error usually is seen when a message has more than 300 recipients and the SMTP gateway has low memory available in the conventional 640k RAM.

System requirements place a strain on the available conventional memory. The SMTP Gateway code requires different amounts of memory depending on which TCP/IP stack is used, and the TCP/IP stack must also be loaded, although it can be loaded high if memory is available. Finally, the Gateway's configuration files and the postoffice routing files are also loaded:


  • .XTN (All files in the XTN directory)


If the Gateway postoffice has many mailboxes and the Gateway serves many downstream postoffices, the amount of memory left for processing mail messages can become unacceptably low.

This error will also be returned if there is a corrupt *.P1 file in the P1 directory.


Unfortunately, there are so many variables involved that it is very difficult to provide enough memory to process messages under all conditions.

But there are two ways to provide the Gateway with more working memory to handle large messages and user lists: you can load MS-DOS, the network operating system, and the TCP/IP software above the 640k conventional memory, and you can reduce the size of the ACCESS2.GLB and GROUP.GLB files by moving users off the Gateway postoffice and deleting unused groups.

If there is a corrupt .P1 file, clearing the *.P1 files from the P1 directory will usually resolve the problem.

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