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Use of the NETWORK() Function in FoxPro 2.5

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  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro for Windows, version 3.0
  • Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, versions 2.5x, 2.6x
  • Microsoft FoxPro for MS-DOS, versions 2.5x, 2.6x


In FoxPro version 2.0, the NETWORK() function is used to determine if the LAN version of FoxPro is being run. It returns .T. if FOXPROL.EXE or FOXPROLX.EXE is being run. This function has no use in FoxPro version 2.5 because every version of FoxPro 2.5 and later is a LAN version.


The NETWORK() function still works in FoxPro 2.5 for compatibility reasons, but it always returns .T. The "Language Reference" manual does not mention this function nor does the online Help file.

NOTE: Pages D16-18 (MS-DOS) and page D19-18 (Windows) of the FoxPro 2.5 "Developer's Guide" describe the NETWORK() function. These pages incorrectly state that NETWORK() "returns .T. if you are using FoxPro on a network." Instead, they should state that NETWORK() "returns .T. if you are running the LAN version of FoxPro." The NETWORK() function does NOT return whether the network is active or inactive.

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