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XL5: Version 5.0 Uses Its Own Toolbar Settings File

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  • Microsoft Excel for Windows, version 5.0

Microsoft Excel 5.0 automatically uses the version 5.0 toolbar settings: it will not automatically use the Microsoft Excel version 4.0 toolbar file (EXCEL.XLB). In Microsoft Excel 5.0, a new toolbar file (EXCEL5.XLB) is created when you add, delete, or modify the built-in toolbars.

If you want to use the version 4.0 toolbar settings in Microsoft Excel 5.0, you must manually open the EXCEL.XLB file from within Microsoft Excel version 5.0.

When you exit the current session of Microsoft Excel, the previous Microsoft Excel version 4.0 settings will then be written to the EXCEL5.XLB file. If this file does not already exist, a new one will be created. If an EXCEL5.XLB file does already exist, the new information will overwrite the information in the existing file.


"Visual Basic User's Guide," version 5.0, page 263

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