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PUB2: Lost Data When Editing OLE Object on Floppy Disk

PUB2: Lost Data When Editing OLE Object on Floppy Disk


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher version 2.0


If you try to edit an object-linking-and-embedding (OLE) object in a
Publisher document that you have opened from a floppy disk, the OLE
server application may fail, and you may lose the contents of the OLE
object. This occurs if you have ejected the disk while editing the OLE

NOTE: Informal testing has found that this problem does not occur
with WordArt 2.0 objects.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Publisher version 2.0 and
Windows version 3.1. This problem was corrected in Windows 95.


To avoid this problem, don't eject the floppy disk while you are
editing a Publisher file you have opened from the disk.


Steps to Reproduce Problem

1. Create a new Publisher document.

2. Insert an OLE object (for example, from Draw or Excel).

3. Save the new publication to a floppy disk.

4. Close the publication.

5. Open the publication again from the floppy disk.

6. Double-click the OLE object to edit it.

7. Eject the floppy disk.

8. In the OLE server application, choose to Update the object in the

The server application closes suddenly without updating the object,
and Publisher loses the contents of the OLE object you were editing.

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