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  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.0
  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.0b
  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.2
  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.5

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When you run REBUILD.EXE, the following error message may be displayed:

FATAL [202] No Valid Postoffice found.

Even though the error is reported, the Global Address List (GAL) is still rebuilt.


This error occurs if the MASTER.GLB file is marked read-only, or if the MASTER.GLB file is locked open.


Check the attributes of the MASTER.GLB file in the GLB subdirectory, and remove the read-only attribute if it has been set. Use the MS-DOS ATTRIB.EXE command to set the attribute to read-write:

attrib -r master.glb

If the file is locked open, close the file. On a Novell server, you can determine the status of locked files by starting the Rconsole program. Choose the FileOpen/Lock activity, and choose <volume>/<dir>/<subdir>/MASTER.GLB. This will yield a connection number. From Connection Activity, you then can find out who has the file open.

On a LAN Manager server, you can check for locked files by running the NET ADMIN command and selecting Status, Opened Files.

For other file servers, consult the administrator's guide for that server to determine if a file is locked open and by whom.

After the status of the MASTER.GLB file has been reset, the GAL rebuild process will not report the error.


The NetWare client-32 for Microsoft Windows 95 can cause the MASTER.GLB to get locked open. There is a patch on Novell's BBS under the client section called C3295C.EXE that resolves file-locking issues on the postoffice.

The latest NetWare client-32 for Microsoft Windows 95 can be found on web site

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